Celebrating the Extraordinary Work of Dr. Lovett and Ob/Gyn Team

Dear colleagues,

LHSC’s surgical staff and physicians provide skillful, high-quality care for patients every day. The following letter exemplifies this dedication to excellent patient care and I would like to thank Dr. Erin Lovett, registered nurse Frances Youngblut, and the LHSC team who contributed to this patient’s positive experience.

I want to share my sincerest thanks for the care I received recently. I had a laparoscopic procedure carried out by Dr. Lovett. It must be said that her bedside manner and care was exemplary. I felt heard and knew that she paid attention to my questions.

My experience was positive from registration to when I was able to leave. The RNs and RPNs demonstrated a caring approach to my recovery. I particularly want to express my sincere thanks to Frances, the RN who assisted with my pre-op prep. She ensured that I was comfortable while reassuring me as I awaited my surgery. I cannot express enough the high quality of personal care I received by the staff at LHSC.


A grateful patient

Thank you to all. I look forward to receiving more letters and celebrating YOUR continuing extraordinary successes, including those that illustrate the work you and your colleagues are undertaking to help LHSC achieve our strategic objectives.

Dr. Paul Woods
President and CEO