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Hunster Yang

Program: Honors Specialization in Neuroscience
Year: 4/4

Anticipated Graduation date: 2018

  • My Journey

  • Future Aspirations

  • Involvement

I was born in Markham, Ontario. Ever since high school, I always loved to get involved with extra-curricular activities. Through volunteering, numerous leadership experiences, attending conferences, and starting a non-profit organization, I have grown as an individual and learned an immense amount about myself regarding what I’m truly passionate about.

I came to Western because not only does it provide students with opportunities to excel academically, but it also offers vast opportunities for students to get involved with extra-curricular activities. There are over 200 clubs and organizations at Western that students can join, which are all catered towards the interests of Western students.

At Western, I chose the Neuroscience Program because it entails a broad spectrum, which makes it extremely interdisciplinary. I love how I am able to take a wide range of courses that not only involve neuroscience, but also include other fields of medical sciences, such as cell biology, biochemistry, psychology, physiology, and pharmacology.

Future Apirations

After completing my undergraduate degree, I hope to pursue either graduate studies or medicine.


Currently, I am VP Events of Autism Awareness Western (AAW). AAW organizes various events to support individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), and as well, raises awareness about ASD at Western and in the London community.

In addition, I have been working as a Research Assistant for two years now at the Social Brain Lab, which is associated with the Department of Psychology and The Brain and Mind Institute. Working under the supervision of Dr. Adam Cohen and his graduate student, Nellie Kamkar, I have the opportunity to explore various research questions regarding the development of theory of mind and categorization learning.

In the past, I have also been an executive member of Friends of Médecins Sans Frontières, Canadian Red Cross, and Operation Smile.

There are definitely countless ways you can get involved at Western!