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Graduate student working in lab

Do I need to have a faculty member willing to accept me before I submit an application?

No, you do not need to find a faculty member willing to supervise you before submitting an application. We strongly encourage applicants to contact potential supervisors throughout the application process. 

The members of my advisory committee have been chosen, now what do I need to do?

Email your proposed advisory committee members to, along with your tentative thesis title. The neuroscience program committee will assign a member as an additional advisor/program representative  They will also approve the final advisory committee (this will be done via email and should take no more than 3 business days).  You should hold your first advisory committee meeting within the first 3 months of your program.  For further details on advisory committees click here.

Can I register for a course outside of my home program?

Yes, with the approval of the program/instructor offering the course and your supervisor.  Complete the required form and return it to the neuroscience program office Room 3203 RRI.  A list of optional Graduate courses can be located here.