Ze-Chun Yuan

Research Professor

Postdoc:  University of Washington, Seattle, USA

PhD:  McMaster University, Canada

MSc:  McMaster University, Canada


Office:  Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada

Phone: 519.702.7119

Email:  zyuan27@uwo.ca  

Lab Website:  Ze-Chun Lab Website

Area of Study:

Bacteriology, microbial genetics and environmental genomics towards sustainable eco-system

Fields of Interest:

-Molecular plant-microbe interactions and plant associated microbiomes
-Bacterial genetics and functional genomics
-Microorganisms for bioprospecting, sustainable and resilient ecosystem

Research Profile

Microorganisms play vital roles in earth’s biogeochemical cycles and ecosystem. We use microbial genetics/genomics and other omics approaches to study environmental microbiology, mostly rhizosphere microbiology to promote crop health and stress tolerance, and bacteria for biodegradation, bioremediation and bioproducts. We collaborate with researchers from government and universities nationally and internationally and funded by Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC) Discovery Grant and Strategic Grant, Mitacs, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada and BioFuelNet Canada. We are also collaborated and supported by various industrial sectors/companies. Our goal is to understand and utilize bacteria for sustainable and resilient ecosystem.

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