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Dr. Aleksandra Leligdowicz
University of Toronto, University of California San Francisco: Immune dysregulation and endothelial injury in early sepsis

Dr. Keith Pardee
University of Toronto: Using Cell-free Synthetic Biology to Build Tools for Human Health

Dr. Guido van Marle
University of Calgary: A Molecular Virologist and Global Health? Research and Educational Capacity Building in Low- and Middle-Income Countries

Dr. Mariano Avino
Western University: New insights into HBV cophylogeny and HIV drug resistance studies (and more...)

Dr. Greg Fonseca
Cellular and Molecular Medicine, UCSD:
Using machine learning to define transcription factor architecture in macrophages

Dr. Daniel Barber
Protective and pathogenic CD4 T cell responses to Mycobacterium tuberculosis infection

Dr. Ana Cabrera
Western University
Thinking Outside The Box: How Technology Can Improve Patient Care

Dr. Stephen Renaud
Western University
Uterine natural killer cells: friends or foes of the fetus?

Dr. Mary O'Riordan
University of Michigan
Cells on fire: amplification of innate immune defenses by cellular stress circuitry

Dr. Ronald Swanstrom
UNC Chapel Hill
New Insights Into HIV Latency and Entry

Dr. Carl Richards
McMaster University
Gp130 Cytokines, Oncostatin M, Matrix remodeling and Th2/M2 immune skewing in Lung Inflammation

Dr. Francisco Olea-Popelka
Western University
Challenges posed by Mycobacterium tuberculosis and Mycobacterium bovis interspecies transmission at a global scale

Dr. Miguel Valvano
Queens University, Belfast
Burkholderia cenocepacia, a fine line between inflammation and antibiotic resistance

Dr. John Whitney
McMaster University
Mechanistic insights into microbe-microbe interactions

Dr. Olivier Lantz
Mucosal associated invariant T (MAIT) cell development and functions

John A Thomas Lecture
Charles Yin
Macrophage dysfunction in atherosclerosis and cardiovascular disease

Dr. Arthur Mortha
University of Toronto
Host-Microbiome interactions as regulators of intestinal immune homeostasis

Ahmed Yousef
Khalifa University, UAE
Fantastic microbes and where to find them... A tale of extremophile eukaryotes and wastewater prokaryotes

Dr. Alison Fox-Robichaud
McMaster University
The interface between immunology and coagulation

Dr. Nahuel Fittipaldi
University of Toronto
Evolution of the pneumococcus following vaccine introduction: A population-based approach

Dr. Vinayakumar Siragam
National Microbiology Laboratory, Public Health Agency of Canada, Winnipeg

Dr. Saman Maleki
LHRI - Candidate for Cross Appointment
Awakening of antitumor immunity via modifying tumor DNA repair or patient microbiome

Dr. Greg Fairn
St. Michaels, Toronto
Membrane dynamics in the phagosome lifecycle and response to peptidoglycan

Dr. Bebhinn Treanor
University of Toronto Scarborough
Glycan-galectin interactions in the regulation of B cells

Dr. Agata Bartczak
Viela Bio

Dr. Dohun Pyeon
Michigan State University

Dr. David O’Gorman
Western University

Dr. Parisa Shooshtari
Western University

RGE Murray Lectureship
Dr. Cornelia Weyland
Stanford University

Dr. Nathalie Grandvaux
Unuversity of Montreal


Dr. Fotini Gounari
University of Chicago: Molecular functions of Tcf-1 in thymocyte development and leukemia

Dr. Khashayarsha Khazaie
Mayo Clinic: Cancer and inflammation in the small bowel

Dr. Rod Dekoter
Western University: Sibling rivalry in the ETS family of teanscription factors: functional and dysfunctional relationships in immune health and disease

Dr. Alex Ensminger
University of Toronto: Effect the unexpected: metaeffectors in Legionella pneumophila and beyond

Dr. Neal Hammer
Michigan State University: Staphylococcus aureus fine-tunes aerobic respiration in order to colonize and persist within the host

Dr. Brad Urquhart
Western University: Variation of Drug Response in Kidney Disease

Dr. Saman Maleki
LRCP: Novel Approaches for Cancer Immunotherapy

Dr. Kate Parham
Western University: Do anti-myelin B cells cause anti-myelin autoimmunity?

Dr. Marie Elliot
McMaster University: The secret lives of Streptomyces bacteria: unveiling morphological and metabolic marvels

Dr. Tara Moriarty
University of Toronto: Navigating a River of Blood: How Lyme disease bacteria travel through the cardiovascular system

Dr. Silvia Penuela
Western University: Pannexin channels as novel regulators of cellular differentiation and cancer

Dr. Stephan Schwander
Rutgers University: canceled

Dr. Maria Fernandes
Lavel: The characterization of a shared inhibitory pathway in the pathogenesies of gout and rhumatoid arthritis

Dr. Michael Fruci
Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada: Antimicrobial resistance in the agri-food production system:It's time to listen to heavy metal(s)!

Dr. Daniel Winer
UNH: An immunological basis for insulin resistance: The role of adaptive immunity and the emerging field of immunometabolism

Dr. Remco Kort
Vrije Universiteit: Micropia, more than a microbe museum

Dr. Carolyn Coyne
University of Pittsburgh: Breaking barriers: viral infections of polarized cell surfaces

Dr. Gediminas Cepinskas
Western University: canceled

Dr. P.K. Lala
Western University: Cyclo-oxygenase 2 mediated breast cancer progression: EP4 as a therapeutic target

Dr. Erkan Demirkaya

Dr. Joanna Goldberg
Emory University: Pseudomonas aeruginosa EF-Tu Trimethylation and Pathogenesis

Dr. Micheel Anderson
University of Toronto: Transcriptional regulation of gamma-delta T cell functional programming during thymic development

Dr. Christina Guzzo
University of Toronto: New Paradigms in HIV-1 Control and Pathogenesis: Interactions Between Soluble and Cell-Derived Molecules with the HIV-1 Envelope

Dr. Andres Finzi
Exposing Env: implications for antibody attack

Dr. Irina Grigorova
University of Michigan: It's all in the timing: antigen exposure and B cell fate

Dr. David Heinrichs
Western University: Two decades of Staphylococcology at Western

Dr. Mark Brockman
Simon Fraser University: Harnessing cross-reactive T cell receptors to combat HIV diversity and immune escape

Dr. Sarah Wootton
University of Guelph: AAV-vectored Immunoprophylaxis for the Prevention and Treatment of Filovirus Infections

Dr. Sam Basta
Queens University: Regulation of antigen-specific CD8+ T cells by activated Macrophages


Dr. Dan Wootton
Liverpool: How efferocytosis and sputum microbiota vary among patients with pneumonia

Dr. Byram Bridle
University of Guelph: Cancer Biotherapies: Lessons Learned from Translational Research

Dr. Andrew Redd
NIH/NIAID: HIV Viral Diversity, Superinfection and Neutralizing Antibodies

Dr Chris Glass
University California San Diego
RGE Murray Lectureship

 Dr. Greg Gloor
Western University: Enterotypes, Autism, Aliens and the Elderly: the microbiome composition is a common thread

Dr. Rajesh Jacob
Western University: Anything but Accessory: HIV-Nef's Role in Cell Death and Exhaustion

Dr. David Brooks
Princess Margaret Cancer Centre: Linking and Targeting Inflammation and Immunosuppression in Chronic Infection

Dr. Quim Madrenas
Disease Tolerance to S. aureus

Dr. Sylvie Lesage
Immunogenetics reveal that p53 is coupled to NK cell maturation

Dr. Harinder Singh
Director of Immunobiology, Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center
Using single-cell genomics to analyze immune cell fates

Dr. Ravi Menon
Robarts Research Inst: Structure and function of the human and non-human primate brain at ultra-high magnetic fields

Dr. Michael Watson
University of Michigan: Female Genital Tract Infections with Group A Streptococcus from asymptomatic carriage to puerperal sepsis

Dr. Keith Fowke
University of Manitoba: Can an aspirin a day, keep HIV away? - Preventing HIV by reducing inflammation in the female genital tract

Dr. Jason Moffat
University of Toronto:

Dr. Martin McGavin
Western University; Investigating a relationship between virulence and lipid metabolism in Staphlococcus aureus

Dr. Jessica Prodger
HIV-1 susceptibility and latent viral reservoirs in Rakai, Uganda

Dr. Bhagi Singh
Western University: Control of autoimmunity by peptides and microbes

Dr. Thomas Melendy
University of Buffalo: HPV creates a novel viral DNA replication system

Dr. Jeff Baker
Duke University:Autism and its Transformations: The History of a Contested Diagnosis

Dr. Eric Skaar
Vanderbilt – Nashville: The intersection of nutrition and infection at the host-pathogen interface

Dr. Julie Pfeiffer
University of Texas Southwestern Medical Centre: How gut microbes enhance enteric virus infection

Dr. Kevin Coombs
University of Manitoba:

Dr. Ali Ashkar
McMaster University: Humanized mice: Experimental models for human exclusive pathogens and diseases

Dr. Graham Pawelec
University Tubingen: Interplay between age, immuntiy, cancer and CMV

Dr. Colin Anderson
University of Alberta: The promise and Perils of an Immune System Reset


Dr. Lauren Solomon
Western: Exploring the Nuclear Option: Targeting Transcription Factors in Cancer

Dr. Vera Tai
University of British Columbia: Oceans, beaches, and bellies: Exploring Earth's microbes

Dr. Jeff Dixon
Western: Nucleotides and their receptors Mother Nature’s versatile toolkit-Lessons learned from unraveling the complex network of purinergic signaling in bone

Dr. Debby Burshtyn
University of Alberta: Impact of polymorphisms of the human inhibitory immune receptor LILRB1 on interactions with MHC-I and human cytomegalovirus

Dr. Roxana Rojas
Case Western: Hijacking and Evading: Two pathogenic strategies behind Mycobacterium tuberculosis’ success

Dr. Jim Karagiannis
Western: Molecular Genetic Analysis of the Regulatory Networks Governing Cytokinesis: From Theodor Boveri to the Modern Age

Dr. Leah Cowen
University of Toronto: Functional Genomics and Evolutionary Dynamics of a Host-Pathogen Interface

Dr. Gary Thomas
University of Pittsburgh: Adapting to Life’s Complexity: Endosome Trafficking Meets the Nuclear Transcription Machinery

Dr. Alex Timoshenko
Western: Galectins and Cellular Stress Responses

Dr. Jamie Mann
Western: HIV-1 vaccination strategies

Dr. Goetz Ehrhardt
University of Toronto: Ancient tools for novel insights into human B cell responses

Dr. Yasmina Laouar
University of Michigan: Constraints imposed on the immune system at both ends of the age spectrum

Dr. Julie Bubeck-Wardenburg
University of Chicago: Taking advantage of the host: insights from Staphyloccus aureus allpha-toxin

Dr. Emma Allen-Vercoe
University of Guelph: Presenting her work on: Human Gut Microbiota in Health and Disease

Dr. Nicole Ward
Case Western University: Using transgenic mice to study skin inflammation; a basic science approach for studying psoriatic disease

Dr. Olaf Scheewind    RGE Murray Lectureship
Universtiy of Chicago: Postponed

Dr. Matt Whiteman
University of Exeter: Therapeutic potential of hydrogen sulfide in inflammation

Dr. Ryan Troyer        special recruitment seminar
Oregon State University: Accessory gene contribution to lentiviral replication rate and novel herpesvirus identification

Dr. Claudine Bonder
Centre for Cancer Biology - Australia: Desmoglein-2: an emerging role in vascular biology

Dr. Karla Williams
LHSC: The role of invadopodia and microparticles in tumour cell metastasis and patient prognostication

Dr. Trevor Moraes
University of Toronto: Bacterial Mechanisms to Overcome Nutritional Immunity

Dr. Roberto Botelho
Ryerson University: Sculpting lysosomes and phagosomes during immune challenges

Dr. Matthew Miller
McMaster University: Beyond Neutralization: Understanding the Basis of “Universal” Immunity Against Influenza Virus

Dr. Jason Weinberg
University of Michigan Medical School, Ann Arbor: Adenoviruses: Acute Infections and Long-Term Consequences


Dr. Andrew Leask
Western University: Scar wars: signaling networks in fibrosis

Dr. Chris Whitfield
University of Guelph: The architecture and assembly of the cell surfaces of pathogenic bacteria

Dr. Susan Koval
Western University: A career at Western studying predatory prokaryotes

Dr. David Stojdl
University of Ottawa CHEO Research Institute: Killing cancer: oncolytic viruses and manipulation of the tumor micro-environment

Dr. Marcus Clark
University of Chicago: B Cell receptor signaling and regulation of cell fate decisions

Dr. Jeff Lee
University of Toronto: Molecular mechanisms controlling the tug-of-war between retroviruses and their hosts

Dr. Andrew White
York University: How RNA Structure Regulates RNA Virus Gene Expression and Replication

Dr. Melissa Hannauer
Western University: The need for iron: Relation between heme and siderophores in iron acquisition in Staphylococcus aureus

Dr. Kevin Kain
University of Toronto: New biomarkers and interventions for life-threatening infections: from malaria to Ebola

Dr. Bogumil Karas
J. Craig Venter Institute: The emerging era of creating designer microbes - Recent advancements in cloning and manipulating natural and synthetic chromosomes in yeast

Dr. Michael Gale Jr.
University of Washington, Seattle: Innate immunity and the intracellular immune processes mediating virus-host interactions and infection outcomes

Dr. Yong Gao
Case Western: HIV diversity and anti-HIV vaccine development

Dr. Gabriel Nunez
University of Michigan: Linking Pathogen Virulence, the Microbiota and Inflammatory Disease

Dr. Amit Barr-Or
McGill University: B cell roles Re-defined: Translational studies in multiple sclerosis

Dr. Rafi Ahmed   RGE Murray Lectureship
Emory University: T Cell Memory and Exhaustion

Dr. Patrick Venables
University of Oxford: Citrullination: the link between periodontitis and RA

Dr. Amanda Lewis            MNI-MedMicro-ID joint retreat Keynote Speaker
Washington University, St.Louis: Biochemistry, glycobiology and phylogenetics of bacterial surface carbohydrates

Dr. Xi Yang
University of Manitoba: Cellular and molecular basis of immune responses to allergens and infectious agents

Dr. Ryan Shaler
Western: Human mucosa-associated invariant T cells are hyperresponsive to bacterial superantigens, rapidly becoming anergic and unresponsive to secondary bacterial challenge

Dr. Scott Gray-Owen
University of Toronto: Sweet Heat-Tactical immune triggering promotes infection and disease by the pathogenic Neisseria

Dr. Andres Finzi
University of Montreal: Modulating Env conformation: a new approach to eliminate HIV-infected cells

Dr. JoAnne Flynn               Infection and Immunity Research Forum
University of Pittsburgh: Tuberculosis: predicting the future with imaging

Dr. David Smith
Western: The wild west of organelle gene expression: new frontiers, lawlessness, and misfits

Dr. Don Welsh
Western: Solving the Enigma of Excitation Contraction Coupling in Vascular Smooth Muscle

Dr. John Ronald
Western (Robarts): Visualizing therapeutic and diseased cells in living subjects through multimodality molecular imaging and in vitro diagnostics

Dr. Mario Ostrowski
University of Toronto: Mechanisms of chronic persistance and immunopathogenesis of human viruses




Dr. John Brumell
SickKids : Salmonella pathogenesis: invasion, intracellular trafficking and autophagy

Dr. Patrick Keeling            RGE Murray Lectureship
Univ British Columbia: Photosynthesis, coral reefs, and the origin of apicomplexan parasites

Dr. Martin Duennwald
Western University: Protein misfolding in aging cells

Dr. C. Yong Kang
Western University: A Cure for AIDS? Strategies for prophylactic and therapeutic HIV/AIDS vaccine development

Dr. Lillian Barra                 candidate for cross appointment
Western University: Anti-Citrullinated Protein/Peptide Antibodies: Unraveling the Cause of Rheumatoid Arthritis

Dr. Sarah Lebeer
University of Antwerp: Molecular and functional analysis of lactobacilli

Dr. John R. Gordon
University of Saskachewan: Regulatory dendritic cell therapy for immunologic diseases

Dr. Jude Uzonna
University of Manitoba: Reverse Immunology: a powerful tool for advancing effective vaccination strategy against parasites

Dr. Stephen Goff               RGE Murray Lectureship
Columbia University: Players in the Silencing of Retroviral DNAs in Embryonic Stem Cells

Dr. Michael Cohen           John A Thomas Award
Western University: Dissection of the C-Terminal Region of E1A Redefines the Roles of CtBP and Other Cellular Targets in Oncogenic Transformation

Elena Verdu
McMaster: Disease-associated microbiota contributes to gut dysfunction and inflammation in humanized-mouse models

Microbiology and Immunology - 75 Year Anniversary Symposium

Dr. Johan Delport             candidate for cross appointment
Western University: New innovations and technology in clinical microbiology, how it impacts on our laboratory practice

Dr. Lisa Cameron              candidate for cross appointment
Western University: Role of CRTh2, a PGD2 receptor, in Th2 immunity

Dr. Hon Leong    candidate for cross appointment
Western University: Enumeration of Tumor Microparticles for Prostate Cancer Screening- Bridging Clinical Pathology with Nanotechnology

Dr. Charu Kaushic
McMaster University: Understanding HIV interactions in the female genital mucosa: Is it time for gender specific prevention strategies?

Dr. Warren Lee
St. Michaels Hospital, Toronto: Around and through – endothelial permeability as a therapeutic target

Dr. Blaise Boles
University of Iowa: Factors Impacting Staphylococcus aureus Colonization of Human Tissues

Dr. George Zahariadis
Western University: Caught Between a Brain and the Deep Blue Sea

Dr. Ron Germain               Infection and Immunity Research Forum
NIH: Using Computation and Imaging to Better Understand Host-Pathogen Interactions and Immunity

Dr. Marc Coppolino
University of Guelph: Regulation of ECM Degradation during tumor cell invasion

Dr. Art Poon
University of British Columbia: Development, testing, and implementation of computational and statistical methods for HIV-1genetic sequence analysis

Dr. Sean Gill
Western University: TIMP3 promotes repair and resolution of inflammation following lung injury

Dr. Sean Cregan
Western University: Transcriptional regulation of neuronal apoptosis

Dr. Tom Hobman
University of Alberta: Dymanics of cellular and viral ribonucleoprotein complexes


Dr. Jonathon Swann
University of Reading

Dr. Dale Laird
Western University: Mechanisms linking connexin gene mutations to syndromic and non-syndromic disease

Dr. Bernie Kraatz
University of Toronto: Functional Biomaterials and Sensors

Dr. Shawn Li
Western University: Phosphotyrosine superbinders targeting the EGF receptor: potential applications in cancer research and therapeutics

Dr. Gary Shaw
Western University: Towards a molecular mechanism for parkin, a causative E3 ligase in early-onset Parkinson's disease

Dr. Lina Dagnino
Western University: Unexpected roles of inside-out and outside-in integrin signaling in epithelia

Dr Jeremy Burton    seminar for cross appointment
Western University: The Realities of Applying Probiotics to Influence the Microbiota

Dr. Martin McGavin
Western University: Response and adaptive resistance of community acquired methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus, towards antimicrobial fatty acids

Dr. Jacques Ravel
University of Maryland: The temporal dynamics of the vaginal microbiota in health and disease

Dr. Ninan Abraham
University of British Columbia: Influenza, Lymphomas and Survival: the IL-7-related cytokines

Dr. Stan Dunn
Western University: Stator Stalk Structure, Function, and Evolution in Bacterial ATP Synthase

Dr. Jennifer Gommerman
University of Toronto: Exploring the role of the Lymphotoxin Pathway during immune responses to foreign and self-antigen

Dr. Perbaiz Abbasi    seminar for cross appointment
Agriculture Canada

Dr. Michelle Smith
Washington University: From the field to the bench: Using a gnotobiotic mouse model uncovers a role for the gut microbiota in malnutrition

Dr. Edward Usherwood    MNI Chair Recruitment Seminar
Dartmouth College: T cells, viruses and microRNAs - themes for the Usherwood lab

Dr. Alan Davidson
University of Toronto: How phages fight back against the CRISPR/Cas bacterial immune system

Dr. Ron Flannagan
Western University: Characterization of macrophage function in infection and immunity

Dr. Eric Arts    MNI Chair Recruitment Seminar
Case Western Reserve University: Models for HIV transmission, pathogenesis and global spread

Dr. Daniel W. Bradley and Dr. Harvey J. Alter    Gairdner Laureate Lecture
Discovering yourself while discovering viruses” & “To C or not to C”

Dr. Christopher Rudd    MNI Chair Recruitment Seminar
University of Cambridge:

Dr. Hidde Ploegh    Infection and Immunity Research Forum
Whitehead Institute, MIT:

Dr. Dawn Bowdish
McMaster University: Macrophage phagocytosis is essential for control of nasopharyngeal colonization

Dr. Pere Santamaria
University of Calgary: Peptide-MHC-based nanomedicines for the treatment of autoimmune disease

Dr. Rima Menassa
Agriculture Canada: Plant-made pharmaceuticals for animal and human health

Dr. Daniel Lamarre
IRIC- Université de Montréal: Novel cross-talk between a canonical-like WNT/b-catenin pathway and innate immunity

Dr. Stephan Sims
Western University: Calcium signaling in osteoclasts

Dr. Eleanor Fish
University of Toronto: IFNs - α/β the broad spectrum antivirals for the 21st century


Dr. David Litchfield
University of Western Ontario: Convergence of protein kinase and caspase signaling: a mechanism for pathological rewiring of signaling pathways to promote cancer cell survival

Dr. Shannon Dunn
University of Toronto: PPARs as regulators of sex differences in Th1 and Th17 immunity

Dr. Gord Southam
University of Western Ontario: Bacteria-mineral Interactions

Dr. Derrick MacFabe
University of Western Ontario: Is Autism An Infectious Disease? Fermentation Products Of Opportunistic Enteric Bacterial Infections As Key Environmental Triggers

Dr. Paula Foster
Robarts Research Institute: Cell Tracking for Cancer Immunotherapy and Inflammation

Dr. Phil Hanna
University of Michigan: Choke Points Analyses of the Anthrax Infectious Cycle

Dr. Ting Lee
Robarts Research Inst: Functional CT Imaging

Dr. Biljana Todorovic    Thomas Award
Microbiology & Immunology: HPV Infection & Cancer – Deregulation of the Retinoblastoma  Tumor Suppressor by HPV E7

Dr. Pam Ohashi
University of Toronto: Molecular pathways promoting T cell responses to self antigens

Dr. Ranjeny Thomas
University of Queensland: Preclinical development and trials of antigen-specific immunotherapy in rheumatoid arthritis

Dr. Jun Wang
Dalhousie University: A novel recombinant adenoviral transgene system for dissecting the role of IL-17/IL-17R signaling in tumor microenvironment

Dr. Albert Descoteaux
INRS–Institut Armand-Frappier: SNARE cleavage by Leishmania: impact on phagosome function

Dr. Jonathan Choy
Simon Fraser University: Regulation of immune responses in transplantation

Dr. Zia Khan
Western University: Vascular stem cells in the pathogenesis of chronic diabetic complications

Dr. Mauricio Terebiznik
University of Toronto: How filamentous Legionella invade mammalian cells: The importance of being long

Dr. Alan Cochrane
University of Toronto: Manipulation of HIV-1 RNA Processing to Suppress Viral Replication: A Novel Therapeutic Approach

Dr. Francois Jean
University of British Columbia: Shifting the paradigm on indirect-acting antiviral strategies: From protein-based inhibitors to therapeutic microRNAs

Dr. Peter Palese        IIRF
Mount Sinai, New York: Toward a Universal Influenza Virus Vaccine

Dr. Keith Poole
Queen's University: Stress responses as determinants of antibiotic resistance in Pseudomonas aeruginosa


Dr. Erwin Schurr
McGill University: Host genetics of tuberculosis susceptibility

Dr. Jack Bennink
NIAID: Imaging the Initiation of the CD8 T-cell Response to Virus

Dr. Alberto Martin
University of Toronto: The AID enzyme in antibody diversification: Lessons from a genome mutator

Dr. Heidi McBride
University of Ottawa: New insights into mitochondrial dynamics: from vesicles and beyond

Dr. Greg Gloor
University of Western Ontario: Next generation sequencing approaches: the vaginal microbiota

Dr. Susan Koval
University of Western Ontario: The Predatory Life Style of Diverse Bdellovibrios: Microbes on a Mission

Dr. Rob Knight    RGE Murrary Lectureship
University of Colorado: Variation in the human microbiome across space in time

Dr. Michael Gold
University of British Columbia: The Rap GTPases, movers and shakers in lymphocyte trafficking and activation

Dr. William Swords
Wake Forest University: Bacterial eavesdropping in polymicrobial otitis media

Dr. Jim Pipas
University of Pittsburgh: Probing Cellular Growth Control with Polyomaviruses              

Dr. Carole Creuzenet
University of Western Ontario: Investigating the function of HcpE and its role in the virulence of Helicobacter pylori

Dr. David Marchant          Virology Recruitment Candidate
University of British Columbia: The Roles of Matrix MetalloProteinase-12 during Antiviral Immunity

Dr. Cezar Khursigara
University of Guelph: Cryo-electron microscopy: elucidating macromolecular structures and cellular architecture

Dr. Chetankumar Tailor   Virology Recruitment Candidate
SickKids Hospital: Feline leukemia virus receptors in virus infection and disease

Dr. Matthew Miller          Thomas Award
Functional Studies of the Human Adenovirus 55 residue E1A protein

Dr. Jimmy Dikeakos          Virology Recruitment Candidate
Oregon Health & Science University: Setting the clock: A molecular timer controls HIV-1 immune evasion

Dr. Ze-Chun Yuan              cross appointment candidate
Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada: Disset Bacterium-Plant Interaction and Signaling Networks in the Rhizosphere

Dr. Marco Prado
Robarts Research Institute: Physiological functions of the prion protein: beyond prion diseases

Dr. Stephen Girardin
University of Toronto: Amino acid starvation: a critical arm of the host response to bacterial infection   

Dr. Scott Halperin Infection and Immunity Research Forum
Dalhousie University

Dr. Brian Shilton
UWO: Energy and Dynamics in ABC Transport Systems

Dr. Gerry Wright
McMaster University: Origins and mechanism of antibiotic resistance

Dr. Michele Anderson
Sunnybrook Research Institute: Transcriptional control of hematopoietic fate choice in the thymus

Dr. Jun Liu
University of Toronto: Lsr2: a novel nucleoid-associated protein and a global regulator of Mycobacterium tuberculosis

Dr. Miguel Valvano          Seminar for Graduate Students
UWO: Navigating Student-Supervisory Relationships


Dr. Aaron Marshall    CRC in Molecular Immunology
University of Manitoba: Role of PI 3-kinase and PH domain adaptor proteins in controlling humoral immunity

Dr. Jonathan Hill
Harvard University: T Cell Variability: From Microarrays to Microenvironments

Dr. Thaddeus George
Director of Biology, Amnis, Seattle WA: Analysis of Blood Cell Function using ImageStreamX Cytometry

Dr, Quim Madrenas
UWO: REQUIEM: on the art and science of death and dying

Dr. Kasper Hoebe
University of Cincinnati: Understanding immune pathology in Gimap5-deficient mice; the riddle of the Sphinx

Dr. Dennis Kasper    RGE Murray Lecture
Harvard Medical School: Immunity to Bacterial Carbohydrates: Old Dogmas, New Tricks

Dr. Miriam Greenberg
Wayne Statte University: Cellular functions of cardiolipin as potential physiological modifiers of the Barth syndrome phenotype

Dr. Stephen Trent
University of Texas: Lipopolysaccharide modification systems are not just for LPS

Dr. Jean Gariepy
University of Toronto: Novel therapeutic agents based on the mechanism of action of shiga-like toxins

Dr. David Hoskin
Dalhousie University: Anti-inflammatory activities of piperine, a phytochemical component of black pepper

Dr. Billy Tsai
University of Michigan: How a toxin and a virus hijack common cellular machineries to cause disease

Dr. Dana Philpott
University of Toronto: Nod proteins in immunity and inflammation

Dr. David Kranz
University of Illinois: Engineering high-affinity recombinant T-cell receptors to target pepMHC antigens and bacterial superantigens

Dr. Andrew Martins    John A. Thomas Award Lecture
UWO: The role of granulocyte-colony stimulating factor in the anti-inflammatory effects of probiotics and regulation of the intestinal immune system

Dr. Lakshman Gunaratnam    Candidate for Cross-Appointment
Dept Medicine UWO: Process and Consequence of Kidney Injury Molecule-1-mediated Phagocytosis of Apoptotic Cells following Tissue Injury

Dr. Gary Chan    Molecular Virology Recruitment Seminar
University of Louisiana: Human cytomegalovirus reprograms monocytes to function as vehicles of viral dissemination

Dr. Joe Mymryk        Molecular Virology Recruitment Seminar
Dept Oncology UWO:

Dr. Jennifer Corcoran    Molecular Virology Recruitment Seminar
University of Dalhousie: Viral reprogramming of host endothelial cells in Kaposi's Sarcoma

Dr. Kelly Summers    Educator Recruitment Seminar

Dr. John Taylor    Molecular    Virology Recruitment Seminar
University of Kansas: Dissecting the Roles of HTLV-1 Accessory Proteins in Virus Replication and Transmission

Dr. Alina Constantine    Educator Recruitment Seminar

Dr. Tracey Hunt Taylor    Educator Recruitment Seminar

Dr. Brenda Murphy    Educator Recruitment Seminar

Dr. Uwe Mamat    
Leibniz Center for Medicine and Biosciences Borstell, Germany: Biosynthesis and assembly pathway of Kdo, an essential component of the lipopolysaccharide in Gram-negative bacteria

Dr. James Carlyle
University of Toronto: MHC-independent NK recognition during cellular transformation, infection, and genotoxic stress

Dr. Mithilesh Jha    Candidate for the Faculty Position in Immunology
Yale University: Regulation of Survival and Functions of T lymphocytes by L-type Calcium Channels

Dr. Mani Larijani
Memorial University: Mechanisms of genome mutators involved in adaptive immunity and lymphomagenesis

Dr. Bryan Heit    Candidate for the Faculty Position in Immunology
SickKids , Toronto: Lipids Charge and ITAMS: Regulating Apoptosis and the Clearance of Apoptotic Cells

Dr. Steven Kerfoot    Candidate for the Faculty Position in Immunology
Yale University: Fate decision zones for B and T cells early in the Germinal Center response

Dr. David Artis    Infection and Immunity Research Forum
University of Pennsylvania

Dr. Anthony Clarke
University of Guelph: Searching for chinks in the bacterial armor: Identification of peptidoglycan O-acetylation as a potential antibacterial target

Dr. Colin Anderson
University of Alberta: Autoimmunity: the danger of unleashing baby T cells



Dr. Jian Zhang
University of Chicago: New Pathways and Functions Regulated By E3 Ubiquitin Ligase Cbl-b in T Cells

Dr. Juan Carlos Zuniga-Pflucker Canada Research Chair in Developmental Immunology
University of Toronto: T cell development in vitro, implications and applications

Dr. Chris Whitfield
University of Guelph: Sugar coating - assembly of the cell surface of Escherichia coli

Dr. Brian Coombes
McMaster University: Regulatory evolution in Salmonella drives pathoadaptation at the host-pathogen interface

Dr. Miguel Valvano
University of Western Ontario: The psychodramatic life of an opportunistic pathogen: virulence vs. adaptability in Burkholderia cenocepacia

Dr. Michael Dosch
University of Toronto: Cognate Immune Control of Obesity

Dr. Kent Hayglass
University of Manitoba: Peanut allergy: Why you?Then again, why not you?"

Dr. Todd Schell
Pennsylvania State University: Regulation of the CD8+ T cell response through direct- and cross-presentation of antigen

Dr. Anice Lowen    Candidate for the Tier II CRC in Viral Pathogenesis
Mount Sinai School of Medicine: Influenza Virus Transmission

Dr. Jean-Claude Martinou
Unversity of Geneva: Role of mitochondria dynamics in apoptosis

Dr. Patrick Schlievert
University of Minnesota    : MRSA/MSSA Super Pathogens: The Toxin Factor(y)

Dr. Michael Princiotta
State University of New York: Optimizing Protein Antigen Expression in Recombinant Vaccine Vectors

Dr. Pedro Lowenstein
UCLA: Canceled

Dr. Greg Dekaban
University of Western Ontario: Cellular inflammatory response to spinal cord injury

Dr. Laura Hertel        Candidate for Tier 2 CRC in Viral Pathogenesis
UWO: Human cytomegalovirus tropism, latency and immunoevasion

Dr. Mark Cattral
Toronto General Hospital: New insights into Tumor Dendritic Cells

Dr. Sameer Elsayed    Candidate for Cross-Appointment
Dept of Medicine UWO: Antimicrobial Resistance in Staphylococcus aureus-MRSA and Beyond

Dr. Alp Sener    Candidate for Cross-Appointment
Dept of Surgery UWO: Memory CD4 T-cell predominance following T-cell depletion derives from homeostatic proliferation of Naive CD4 T cells

Dr. Richard Losick    Gairdner Lecture
Harvard University: Developmental Biology of a Bacterium

Dr. Barry Kreiswirth
Public Health Research Institute Center: A molecular epidemiologist's view of M. tuberculosis pathogenesis

Dr. Lee Ann Garrett-Sinha
SUNY Buffalo: Transcription factor Ets-1 in immunity and cancer

Dr.Fred Beasley    John A. Thomas Award LectureUWO: Siderophore-mediated iron uptake by the pathogenic bacterium Staphylococcus aureus

Dr. Éric Cohen    Canada Research Chair in Human Retrovirology
Institut de Recherches Cliniques de Montréal: Recent advances in HIV accessory proteins biology

Dr. Victor Nizet    Infection and Immunity Research Form
University of California San Diego    

Dr. Qing-Sheng Mi
Wayne State University: Small RNAs play a big role: microRNAs and iNKT cell development and function

Dr. Sean Whelan
Harvard University: Cell biology of the entry and replication of vesicular stomatitis virus


Dr. Caroline Cameron
University of Victoria: Dissemination of the Syphilis Spirochete, Treponema pallidum

Dr. Gregor Reid
LHRI: The Important Role of Bacteria in Health

Dr. Nicola Jones
University of Toronto: Helicobacter pylori and gastric cancer: what are the STATs?

Dr. Fred Dick
UWO: Using DNA tumor viruses to probe the functions of cancer genes

Dr. Tania Watts
University of Toronto: 4-1BBL in CD8 T cell activation and maintenance

Dr. Anice Lowen    Candidate for the Virology Position
Mount Sinai School of Medicine, New York: Influenza Virus Transmission: Studies in the Guinea Pig Model

Dr. Stephen Barr    Candidate for the Virology Position
University of Alberta: The Host Interferon-induced Protein TRIM22 Blocks HIV Assembly/Release

Dr. Peter Margetts
Div. of Nephrology, McMaster University: Epithelial mesenchymal transition in peritoneal injury

Dr. Tetsure Ikegami    Candidate for the Virology Position
University of Texas: Reverse genetics of Rift Valley Fever Virus-New Role of Major Virulence Factor NSs

Dr. Dohun Pyeon     Candidate for the Virology Position
University of Wisconsin-Madison: Interactions between Papillomavirus and Host Cell Cycle-Early Infection to Oncogenesis

Dr. Suzanne Dale
McMaster University: Applying Your PhD to Medicine: Why I Became a Clinical Microbiologist

Dr. Karla Kirkegaard     Margaret Moffat Research Day
Stanford University: New lessons from poliovirus: dominant drug targets and novel routes of dissemination

Dr. John Howe
Schering-Plough Research Institute: Advances in the development of two new classes of HIV antivirals: CCR5 antagonists and integrase inhibitors

Dr. James Riley
University of Pennsylvania: Overcoming murine T cell envy-Insights into human T cell therapy and biology

Dr. Malak Kotb
University of Tennessee: Translational Infectious Disease Phenome Project (TIPP): Systems Approach to Infectious Diseases

Dr. Rusung Tan
University of British Columbia: Natural killer cell regulation of type 1 diabetes

Dr. Laurie Dempsey
Senior Editor Nature Immunology: An insider's view of publishing in Nature-branded journals

Slade Loutet    John A. Thomas Award Lecture
University of Western Ontario: Antimicrobial peptide resistance in Burkholderia cenocepacia-implications for drug development

Dr. Martin McGavin     Candidate for "Inflammation Research" Position
University of Toronto: Adaptations of Staphylococcus Aureus to Chronic Infections

Dr. Rodney Dekoter     Candidate for "Inflammation Research" Position
University of Cincinnati: Regulation of immune development and function by PU.1 and related Ets transcription factors

Dr. Chinten J. Lim      Candidate for "Inflammation Research" Position
University of California: Spatial Restriction of PKA Activity Promotes Integrin Alpha-4 Dependent Cell Migration

Dr. Thomas Silhavy    RGE Murray Lectureship
Princeton University: Outer membrane biogenesis in Gram-negative bacteria

Dr. Luc Van Kaer
Vanderbilt University: Modulation of immune responses with glycolipid-reactive natural killer T cells

Dr. Todd Klaenhammer
North Carolina State University: Genomics of probiotic lactobacilli: from genes to traits

Dr. Luis P. Villarreal    Infection & Immunity Research Form
University of California, Irvine: Sources of self: Genetic parasites and the origins of adaptive immunity

Dr. Andrew Makrigiannis    Candidate for Tier 2 CRC in Viral Pathogenesis
McGill University - IRCM: Positive Regulation of Dendritic Cell Function via Class 1 MHC

Dr. Guido van Marle
University of Calgary: HIV-1 in the Gut

Dr. Terry Delovitch
University of Western Ontario: Regulatory iNKT Cells and Protection from Type 1 Diabetes


Dr. Quim Madrenas
Robarts Research Institute: Infectious Music: how microbes shaped our music

Dr. Seth Bordenstein
Marine Biological Laboratory, Woods Hole: Nature's Russian Doll: Bacteriophage in Bacterial Endosymbionts

Dr. Donald Woods
University of Calgary: Pathogenesis of Disease due to Burkholderia pseudomallei and Burkholderia mallei

Dr. Jim Smiley
University of Alberta: New twists to host shutoff by herpes simplex virus

Dr. Eric Sundberg
Boston Biomedical Research Institute: Superantigen-mediated T cell activation: Structure, Function and Therapeutic Development

Dr. Subash Sad
NRC Institute for Biological Sciences: Differentiation of CD8 T cells during infection with intracellular pathogens

Dr. Derrick MacFabe
University of Western Ontario: postponed

Dr. Leda Raptis
Queen's University: A novel pathway of Stat3 activation

Dr. Michelle Barry
University of Alberta: Poxviruses: Control of Apoptotic Death and Protein Degradation

Dr. Khashayarsha Khazaie
Harvard Medical School: Immune responses that PROMOTE colon cancer

Dr. Lynn Enquist
Princeton University: Imaging herpesvirus infections of neural tissue and neurons

Dr. Christine Posavad
University of Washington: Natural and vaccine-induced T cell responses to HSV in humans

Dr. Roy Duncan
Dalhousie University: Lost in translation- Polycistronic viral mRNAs and alternate mechanisms of translation initiation

Dr. Scott Hultgren
Washington University: Uropathogenic E. coli: More to the Picture than Meets the Eye

Dr. Gabriel Nunez
University of Michigan: Function of TLRs and NLRs in Immunity and Disease

Dr. Hassan Javanbakht; Candidate for the Molecular Virology Position
Dana-Farber Cancer Institute: Retroviral Restriction factors

Dr. Bruce Beutler
Scripps Research Institute: How we sense infection and respond to it: the forward genetic approach

Dr. Marco Vignuzzi Candidate for the Molecular Virology Position
University of California - San Francisco: Population Dynamics of Viral Pathogenesis: Fidelity, Mutation and Cooperativity in the RNA Quasispecies

Dr. Robert Perry
University of Kentucky: Small-molecule regulation of plague biofilm formation cyclic-di-GMP and polyamines

Dr. Janet Wood
University of Guelph: Transporter ProP of Escherichia coli: Osmosensor and Osmoregulator

Dr. Stephen Jameson
University of Minnesota : T cell homeostasis

Dr. Rafick-Pierre Skaly
University of Montreal: T cell homeostasis in HIV infection

Dr. Xiaoning Si Candidate for the Molecular Virology Position
University of British Columbia: CVB3 Pathogenesis: An Integrative Approach

Dr. Rafael Garduno
Dalhousie University

Dr. Scott Gray-Owen
University of Toronto: The Pathogenic Neisseria:Dancing with Humans

Dr. Michele Barry Candidate for Tier 1 Canada Research Chair in Viral Pathogenesis
University of Alberta: Lessons from Studying Poxviruses: Modulation of Apoptotic Death Protein Degradation

Dr. Derrick MacFabe
University of Western Ontario: The Self- Centred Bug"- The Possible Role ofEnteric Bacterial Metabolites in the Pathogenesis of Autism Spectrum Disorders

Dr. George O'Toole
Dartmouth Medical School

Dr. Branch Moody
Harvard University: The surprising diversity of lipid antigens for human CD1-restricted T cells

Dr. Ciriaco Piccirillo
McGill University: Multi-faceted functions of CD4+Foxp3+ regulatory T cells in organ-specific autoimmunity: Lessons from mice and men

Dr. Peter Cadieux Candidate for cross-appointment
University of Western Ontario: Infections and Calculi in Urology

Dr. Mark Wainberg
McGill University: Mechanistic basis for subtype differences in HIV drug resistance: Implications for public health

Dr. Frank DeLeo
National Institutes of Health: Evasion of Innate Host Defense by Bacterial Pathogens

Dr. Bent Rubin
Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique-Pierre Fabre: Mechanisms of T cell recognition Of Tumour Cells during adaptive and innate immunity

Dr. Mario Ostrowski
University of Toronto: The Challenge of an HIV vaccine: any new paradigms

Dr. Jonathan W. Yewdell
NIAID, NIH: Virus Induced tRNA Misacylation-A New Innate Immune Mechanism?

Dr. Peter Kvietys
LHRI: Neutrophil transendothelial migration

Dr Alain Stintzi
University of Ottawa: Campylobacter journey through the digestive tract

Dr Dr. Thomas Gajewski
University of Chicago: T cell anergy and other negative regulatory mechanisms


Dr. Fritzler
University of Calgary: Autoantibodies to miRNA components: What are GWBs anyway?

Dr. Charles Dozois
INRS-Institut Armand-Frappier: Extra-intestinal pathogenic E. coli-Staying alive in harsh places

Dr. Rob Hegele
RRI: Genomics and phenomics in atherosclerosis

Dr. Patricia Spear
Northwestern University: Multiple entry receptors for Herpes simplex virus: Host and viral mutations that alter receptor usage, call tropism and disease

Dr. Jonathan Bromberg
Mount Sinai School of Medicine New York: Migration and trafficking in transplantation tolerance

Dr. Quim Madrenas
UWO: Inflammation, Research Institutes, and the Funding of Science in London

Dr. Lori Frappier
University of Toronto: Cellular Protein Interactions of the Epstein-Barr Virus EBNA1 Protein: Insights into EBV Persistence and Cell Immortalization

Dr. Silvia Vidal
McGill University: Innate resistance to cytomegalovirus infection: role of NK cell receptors, MHC class I and their interactions

Dr. Michael Murphy
University of British Columbia: Mechanisms of heme and iron transport in Campylobacter jejuni

Dr. Ronald Schwartz
Harvard University: T cell anergy and peripheral tolerance

Dr. Joanna Shisler
University of Illinois: Viral immunolodulation strategies: Poxvirus regulation of the cellular NF-kappaB transcription factor

Dr. Fritz Bach
Harvard Medical School: Postponed to September 2006

Dr. Andrew D. Wells
University of Pennsylvania: Chromatin remodeling at cytokine genes during T cell immunity vs. tolerance

Dr. Katherine R. Spindler
University of Michigan: Mouse adenovirus: Capitalizing on mouse genetics to study virus-host interactions

Dr. Ronald N. Germain
National Institutes of Health, DHHS: Understanding Adaptive Immunity: From Molecules to Models to Movies

Dr. Petar Lenert Candidate for Clinician Scientist Position
University of Iowa: Does DNA pay a Toll in lupus?

Dr. Shawn Lewenza Candidate for the Functional Genomics Position
Institute Pasteur: Investigating the role of lipoproteins in Pseudomonas aeruginosa pathogenesis and biofilm formation

Dr. Jose Teodoro Candidate for the Functional Genomics Position
University of Massachusetts: Identification of novel viral and cellular pathways targeting tumour growth

Dr. John McCormick Candidate for the Functional Genomics Position
Lawson Health Research Institute: Genome plasticity in group A streptococci and the superantigen arsenal

Dr. Michael Imperiale
University of Michigan: Adenovirus Assembly and DNA Packaging

Dr. Satish Raina
Jagiellonian University in Krakow, Poland: "Sensing the stress: You have the help-bacterial model"

Dr. Andr Cantin
University of Sherbrooke: Bronchial epithelium, mucus and host defenses

Dr. Erin Gaynor
University of British Columbia: Life on the edge: insights into how Campylobacter jejuni navigates the complex virulence-transmission cycle

Dr. Paul Ritvo
Univ of Toronto: Vaccine Acceptance and Dissemination: How long will it take before HPV vaccines save lives in Africa?

Dr. Lothar Steidler
ActoGeniX NV, Zwijnaarde, Belgium: Live Therapeutics: Genetically Modified Lactococcus lactis in Medicine

Dr. Marc Ouelette
Laval: Molecular microbiology of the TonB interactome

Dr. Norma Andrews
Yale: IIRF keynote speaker

Dr. Brigitte Huber
Tufts University: HERV-K18 superantigen and its implications for EBV

Dr. Kathy Siminovitch
Toronto General Research Institute: Wiskott-Aldrich Syndrome protein - forging the link between T cell activation and the actin cytoskeleton

Dr. France Daigle
Université de Montréal: Bacterial gene hunting with SCOTS


Dr. Sergio Grinstein
Division of Cell Biology Hospital for Sick Children : Imaging of phospholipids and GTPases during phagocytosis

Dr. Patrick Sullivan
University of Kentucky Chandler Medical Center: Cancelled - Mitochondrial Permeability as a Therapeutic Target following Traumatic CNS Injury

Dr. Deyu Fang
Department of Biological Chemistry University of Michigan Medical Center. Candidate for the Faculty Position In Mechanisms Of Inflammation: The Regulatory Roles of Ubiquitination in Immune System

Dr. Shijun Zheng
University of Pennsylvania. Candidate for the Faculty Position In Mechanisms Of Inflammation: Critical roles of TRAIL in cell death during Listeriosis and ConA induced hepatitis

Dr. John McCormick
LHRI: Toxins and pathogenicity islands in Gram-positive cocci: Genome plasticity and the evolution of virulence

Dr. J. Madrenas
RRI: Plasticity of signal transduction through CTLA-4

Dr. Woong-Kyung Suh
University of Toronto Candidate for the Faculty Position In Mechanisms Of Inflammation Regulation of immune responses by the members of CD28-B7 family costimulatory molecules

Dr. David Boone
UCSF Dept of Medicine Candidate for the Faculty Position In Mechanisms Of Inflammation: Regulation of Toll-like receptor signaling by ubiquitination

Dr. Bob Hancock
University of British Columbia: Function and therapeutic potential of natural host defence peptides

Dr. David Hess
Washington University: Murine and human stem cell populations that mediate pancreas and liver regeneration

Dr. Philip D. King
University of Michigan Medical School: Regulation of T Cell Signal Transduction and Self/Non-Self Discrimination by the T Cell-Specific Adapter (TSAd) Protein

Dr. John Collier
Harvard: Anthrax toxin and the problem of toxin translocation across membranes

Dr. Charles G. Orosz
Ohio State University: CANCELLED

Dr. Jorge E. Galan
Yale: Modulation of host cellular functions by the bacterial pathogen Salmonella

Dr. Mansour Haeryfar
National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases Candidate for the Faculty Position In Mechanisms Of Inflammation: Regulatory T cells in Antiviral Defense, Inflammation and beyond

Dr. Donna L. Farber
University of Maryland at Baltimore: Generation and functional plasticity of memory CD4 T cell

Dr. Uri Galiliy
University of Massachusetts Medical School: The natural anti-Gal antibody: A foe in xenotransplantation and a friend in cancer immunotherapy

Dr. Frank Church
University of North Carolina: Cut and Die: Proteolytic Cascades and their Inhibitors Regulating Blood Coagulation

Dr. Susanne E. Acklin
UWO : Technology Transfer at UWO: From Lab to Market - Bridging the Gap

Dr Mikael Skurnik
University of Helsinki: Role of YadA, Ail, and lipopolysaccharide in Serum Resistance of Yersinia enterocolitica serotype

Dr. David Harlan
NIH: Autoimmune beta cell destruction is the chief impediment to a T1DM cure. Strategies for overcoming that hurdle

Dr. David White
RRI Candidate for cross appointment: Xenotransplantation of porcine islets of Langerhans into type 1 diabetic patients. A cure for diabetes?

Dr. Narinder Mehra
All India Institute of Medical Sciences: Cancelled

Dr. Nikhil Tandon
All India Institute of Medical Sciences: Immunogenetic basis and Antibody Status of Type 1 diabetes

Dr Caigan Du
UWO Candidate for cross appointment: Renal tubular epithelial injury in response to inflammation

Dr. Brian D. Lichty
McMaster: Vesicular Stomatitis Virus: An Emerging Therapeutic Platform

Dr. Brian Shilton
UWO: The General Secretory System of E. coli: Nature of the SecA-Preprotein Interaction

Dr. Tom Linn
UWO: Bacillus cereus Sigma Factors: On the Pathway to Virulence?

Dr. Miodrag Grbic
UWO: Evolution of arthropod development: from ancestral developmental program to developmental novelties

Dr. Patrick Sullivan
University of Kentucky: Novel Therapeutic Interventions for the Treatment of Brain and Spinal Cord Injury: Taking Aim at the "Powerhouse" of the Cell

Dr. John Wilkins
University of Manitoba: Proteomics: Clinical and Basic Applications in Immunology

Dr. Martin Chalfie
Columbia University: Mechanosensory Transduction in C. elegans



Dr. Michael Rees
Medical College of Ohio: Role of Innate Immunity in Xenotransplantation

Dr. Jonathan Bramson
McMaster: The Immunobiology of Genetic Vaccination

Dr. Marc Tini
UWO: Convergence of DNA repair and Transcription via CBP/p300 acetylases

Dr. Ken Bayles
U. of Idaho: The molecular control of bacterial programmed cell death

Dr. Marisa Alegre
U. of Chicago: Targetting NF-kB activation in T cells to achieve tolerance

Dr. Pascale Cossart
Pasteur Institute: Infection by Listeria monocytogenes: from Cell Biology and Genomics to Pathophysiology

Dr. Amiya Banerjee
Cleveland Clinic: New insight into the mechanism of gene expression of negative strand RNA viruses

Dr. Russell Bishop
U of Toronto: Structure and function of an outer membrane endotoxin remodeling enzyme

Dr. Albert Berghuis
McGill: A structural view of antibiotic resistance

Dr. John McDonald
Washington University School of Medicine: Role of stem cells and repair of the damaged spinal cord

Dr. Ronald Atlas
National Security and Biological Research: Science and Policy

Dr. Reggie Lo
U. of Guelph: Development of an edible vaccine against bovine pneumonic pasteurellosis by expressing Mannheimia haemolytica antigens in transgenic alfalfa

Dr. Gregg Hadley
U. of Maryland: Role of the integrin, CD103, in promoting interaction of CD8+ T cells with epithelial compartments

Dr. Peter A. R. Vandamme
Universiteit Gent: Sense and nonsense in bacterial taxonomy: a field workers' view

Dr. Peter Forsythe
U. of Calgary: Developing better therapies for Brain Tumour: Targeting oncolytic viruses and invasion

Dr. Yang Liu
Ohio State: Expanding the Horizon for T cell costimulation

Dr. Dennis Cvitkovitch
U. of Toronto: The mob mentality of Streptococcus mutans: Cell-cell signalling in Dental Plaque

Dr. Derek Dykxhoorn
Harvard: Killing the messenger: Dissecting the basic biology of mammalian RNA interference and its application

Dr. Ramakrishna Vankayalapati
U. of Texas: TBA

Dr. Sung Kim

Dr. Michelle Barry
University of Aberta: Vaccinia virus: tales of death defying feats

Dr. Simon F. Lacey
Beckman Research Institute: Cellular Immunity to Human Cytomegalovirus, and to BK virus, a human polyomavirus

Dr. Laura Hertel
Stanford University : Of Cytomegalovirus, Dendritic cells and Microarrays: digging the tunnel to the goldmine

Dr. Ramu Subbramanian
Harvard Medical School : Magnitude and Diversity of Cytotoxic T Lymphocyte Responses Elicited by Prime-Boost Vaccination Regimens

Dr. Stephen Polyak
University of Washington : Interactions of Hepatitis C Virus With Innate Antiviral Signal Transduction Pathways

Dr. Gary Koretzky
U. of Pennsylvania : The role of adapter proteins and enzymes in hematopoietic cell development and funciton

Dr. Klaus Fruh
Oregon Health and Science University: Viral immune modulation

Dr. Patrick Lee
Dalhousie: Reovirus oncolysis

Dr. Pam Sokol
University of Calgary : Comparative Virulence Analysis of the Burkholderia cepacia complex


Dr. James Koropatnick
UWO Chair Candidate: Metals, metallothionein, and cell signaling

Dr. Ann Marie Schmidt
Columbia: RAGE and the complications of diabetes and beyond

Dr. Miguel Valvano
UWO Chair Candidate: LPS Trek: The wonderful voyage of a bacterial glycolipid across two membranes

Dr. Sam Rabkin
Harvard: Taming the Enemy: Herpes Simplex Viruses for Cancer Therapy

Dr. Liisa Selin
U of Massachusetts: No one is naïve: the significance of heterologous T-cell immunity

Dr. Steven Porcelli
Albert Einstein College of Medicine: Lipid Antigen Presentation by CD1: Roles in Host Defense and Immunoregulation

Dr. Josef Penninger
U of Toronto: Genetic control of heart size and heart muscle function

Dr. Enrique Vines
UWO: The Tol import system and LPS surface expression: A journey to stress

Dr. Jack Da Silva
North Carolina Supercomputing Center: Computational Molecular Genetics of HIV-1 Adaptive Evolution

Dr. E. Long
NIH: Regulation of NK Cell Activation

Dr. Michele Bendeck
U of Toronto: MMP's, matrix and smooth muscle cell functions in atherosclerosis

Dr. Mohamed Karmali
Health Canada: Emerging Public Health Challenges of Bacterial Foodborne Pathogens with Special Reference to Verocytotoxin-producing Escherichia coli (VTEC)

Dr. John Bell
U. of Ottawa: Oncolytic viruses and the treatment of cancer

Dr. Melissa Carpenter
RRI: Human Stem Cells for Regenerative Medicine

Dr. Eric Pamer
Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center: Adaptive and innate immune defenses against bacterial infection

Dr. Jenny Jongstra-Bilen
Toronto Western Hospital: Cross-talk between Fcg-receptors and Mac-1 (CD11b/CD18) for optimal phagocytosis

Dr. Gordon McBean
UWO: Climate Change and Public Health Implications

Dr. Sung Kim
LHRI: Mechanism of macrophage cell death induced by anthrax

Dr. Mohamed Sayegh
Brigham and Women's Hospital: Role of new T cell costimulatory molecules in allograft rejection and tolerance: hierarchy versus redundancy


Dr. Don Avery
UWO: Bioweapons, Microbiology and Arms Control: The Canadian Experience

Dr. Bob Zhong
UWO: Update on Xenotransplantation

Dr. Gergely Lukacs
U. of Toronto: The ins and outs of CFTR trafficking

Dr. Cynthia Chambers
U. of Massachusetts Medical School: Regulation of T cell activation by inhibitory signals

Dr. Skip Virgin
Washington Univ: Host and Viral Genes that Regulate Herpesvirus Infection, Oncogenesis and Latency

Dr. Gabriel Criado
Robarts Research Institute: CD4 and lck: The Odd couple

Dr. Peta O'Connell
Robarts Research Institute: Dendritic cells and Transplantation

Dr. Richard Moyer
Univ. of Florida: The poxvirus serpins: Additional complexities suggested by interactions with other proteins

Dr. Bruce Blazar
U. of Minnesota: The role of T cell costimulatory pathways and regulator cells in allogeneic bone marrow transplantation

Dr. Thomas Forsthuber
Case Western University: Modeling Multiple Sclerosis in "humanized" HLA-DR transgenic mice

Dr. Jay Levy    
U. of California, San Francisco

Dr. Kevin Coombs
U. of Manitoba: Assembly and disassembly of reovirus; from genetics to MALDI TOF mass spectrometry

Dr. Eva Turley
LRCC: A parallel universe? Hyaluronan regulated signaling

Dr. Anita Chong
Rush Presbyterian St. Luke's Medical Center: Regulation of allograft tolerance induced by bone and anti-CD40L

Dr. Vince Manganiello

Dr. Dev Mangroo
U. of Guelph: Ins and Outs of Nuclear tRNA Export: A tale of two Texans

Dr. J. Ebersole
U. of Kentucky: Periodontal Diseases: Is Immune Protection Achievable?

Dr. Abigail Salyers
U. of Illinois: Antibiotic Resistance Gene Transfer by Intestinal Bacteria

Dr. S.J. Ono
U. of London: The CC Chemokine/Receptor System in Mast Cell Development and Activation- Implications for Therapy

Dr. Ganes Sen
Cleveland Clinic: Mode of Activation and Functions of Viral Stress-inducible Genes

Dr. Fred Keenan
Director of International Research UWO: International Research at Western

Dr. C. Yong Kang
UWO: Mechanism of Viral Interference Mediated by Defective Interfering Particles

Dr. Jeremy Mogridge
U of Toronto: Anthrax toxin assembly on the mammalian cell surface

Dr. Li Zhang
U of Toronto: Graft infiltrating cells: Friend or Foe?

Dr. Jeremy Burton
LHRI: The Vaginal Bacterial Microflora: New Perspectives and Tools for Tomorrow

Dr. Joe Lam
Univ. of Guelph: WaaP, a potential antimicrobial target, is a novel eukaryotic type protein-tyrosine kinase essential for the biosynthesis of core oligosaccharide in Pseudomonas aeruginosa

Dr. Elena Verdun
McMaster: Enhancement of oral tolerance or immunization with intestinal flora antigens in experimental colitis?

Dr. Denis Kinane
U. of Louisville: Cellular and humoral immune responses of periodontal disease

Dr. Gregory J. Kato
Johns Hopkins: Role of PDE4 Phosphodisterase in Lymphoid Malignancy

Dr. Lori Burrows
Sick Kids: Genes involved in development of Pseudomonas aeruginosa biofilms

Dr. Karen Mossman
McMaster: Immune evasion and oncolytic properties of herpesviruses

Dr. Ricky Chan
Univ. of Toronto: A lipoprotein of Campylobacter jejuni involved in triggering the signalling pathways of epithelial cells leading to the activation of NF-kB and p38 MAP kinase

Dr. Keith Poole
Queens: Efflux-mediated multidrug resistance in Pseudomonas aeruginosa: pumps, pumps and more pumps


Dr. Miguel Valvano
UWO: Export of Lipopolysaccharide: To flip or not to flip

Dr. Brian Wilson
Dana-Farber Cancer Institute: CD1d-restricted T cells target dendritic cells and regulate the development of autoimmune diabetes

Dr. David Rothstein
Yale: CD45 Isoforms, Signals, And Tolerance: Novel Roles For an "Old" Molecule

Dr. Phillip Popovich
Ohio State: Manipulating the Neuroimmune Axis: a novel approach to repairing the injured spinal cord

Dr. David Perkins
Harvard: Profiles of Rejection

Dr. Mark Gijzen
Agriculture Canada: An Asthma-Causing Protein from Soybean Seed Dust: A Case of Naturally Occurring Gene Amplification

Dr. Roland Tisch
U. of N. Carolina: Dissecting the T cell response in autoimmune diabetes

Dr. Michael Surette
U. of Calgary: Population behaviors in bacteria: cell-cell communication and swarming behavior

Dr. Brett Finlay
UBC: Pathogenic E. coli: why diarrhea is our bread and butter

Dr. Andrew Luster
Mass. General Hospital/Harvard: Chemokines and the control of T cell trafficking in disease

Dr. Ed Leiter
Jackson Labs: The Mouse Homolog of RT6, a Rat T Cell Differentiation Alloantigen

Dr. Steven Norris
U. of Texas: An elaborate antigenic variation system in Borrelia burgdorferi, the Lyme disease spirochete

Dr. Paul Potter
UWO: The History of Immunology

Dr. Anthony Schryvers
U. of Calgary: Receptor-mediated Iron Acquisition from Transferrin in Pathogenic Bacteria

Dr. Luc Van Kaer
Howard Hughes: Antigen presentation by classical and nonclassical MHC class I molecules

Dr. Michael Clare-Salzler
U. of Florida: Antigen presenting cell defects in the NOD mouse

Dr. David Spaner
U. of Toronto: Modeling adoptive cancer immunotherapy in Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia

Dr. Tracy Handel
U. of California Berkeley: Chemokine-receptor recognition; the story so far

Dr. W. Ford Doolittle
Dalhousie and CIAR Program in Evolutionary Biology: Chopping down, or at least uprooting, the Tree of Life

Dr. Jerry McGhee
U. of Alabama: GALT Revisited: Roles For Peyer's Patches In Mucosal Immunity, Inflammation and Oral Tolerance

Andrea Weston
John Thomas Award: Mechanisms underlying chondrogenesis and myogenesis: common signaling pathways

Dr. Keith Bishop
U. of Michigan: TGF Beta1 Gene Therapy in Vascularized Cardiac Allografts

Dr. John McCormick
U. of Minnesota: Bacterial superantigens and toxic shock syndrome

Dr. Frank Scannapieco
SUNY Buffalo: Molecular Biological Studies of Oral Biofilm Formation

Dr. Jeff Nisker
UWO: Bioethics of Human Reproduction Research: Population, Genetics and Stem Cells

Dr. Kelly Summers
UWO: Dendritic Cells in Arthritis

Dr. Jana Jass
Umea University: Atomic force microscopy to investigate E. coli pathogenesis

Dr. Ken West
Dalhousie: The Dendritic Cell and the Immunological Synapse

Dr. Joan Cook-Mills
U. of Cincinnati: VCAM-1 Signaling during Lymphocyte Migration

Dr. Jeff Howard
Lawson: Dupuytren's disease: A clinical model of wound myofibroblasts?

Dr. Dwayne Barber
U. of Toronto: Signaling by the Erythropoietin Receptor and TEL-JAK2: A Window into Normal and Leukemogenic Signal Transduction Pathways

Dr. William Cruikshank
Boston University: Regulation of chemokine activity by IL-16

Dr. Reginald Gorczynski
U. of Toronto: Immunoregulatory role of CD200 molecule

Dr. Weiping Min
UWO: Dendritic cell-mediated mechanism of tolerance in transplantation


Dr. Ian Chin-Yee
LHSC: CD34 Subsets: Clinical Implications

Dr. David Serreze
Jackson Laboratories: A conspiracy between the good gone bad, and some killer B's in type I diabetes

Dr. James Mahony
McMaster: Chlamydia - not just a sexually transmitted infection!

Dr. Kevin Kane
U of Alberta: Cloning and characterization of novel natural killer cell receptors

Dr. Norman Iscove
OCI: Identifying the genetic determinants of self-renewal and differentiation programs in hematopoietic precursor cells

Dr. Anne Croy
U. of Guelph: New Murine Models To Assess Homing and Functions of Natural Killer Cells in the Pregnant Uterus

Dr. Katie Haskins
U. of Colorado: T Cells in the Immunoregulation of Diabetes in the NOD Mouse

Dr Rob Sutherland
U. of Toronto: Identification and Quantitation of Hematopoietic Stem Cells for Research and Clinical Use: CD34, CD109 and beyond the ISHAGE

Dr. Julie Deans
U. of Calgary: Lipid Rafts in B lymphocytes: Role in antigen receptor signaling and CD20 function

Dr. Massismo
Trucco: Targeting Autoimmune Diabetes with Gene Therapy

Dr. Ira Mellman
Yale University School of Medicine: Initiating Immunity:The Cell Biology of Dendritic Cells

Dr. Dev Mangroo
U. of Guelph: Cancelled - Initiating Immunity:The Cell Biology of Dendritic Cells

Mark Cameron
John Thomas Award: Interleukin-4-mediated Prevention of Type I Diabetes in Nonobese Diabetic Mice

Dr. Jeff Wrana
U of Toronto: POSTPONED - Signaling Through the Transforming Growth Factor ß (TGF-ß) Superfamily

Dr. Justin Nodwell
McMaster: The Regulation of Morphogenesis in a Multicellular Prokaryote

Dr. Cal Harley
Geron Corporation: Telomerase and Embryonic Stem Cells: Complementary Technologies for Regenerative Medicine

Dr. Kathleen Okruhlik
UWO: Philosophy of Science Today

Dr. Kang Howson-Jan
LHSC: Clinical Aspects of Stem Cell Transplantation

Dr. Stuart Knechtle
U. of Wisconsin: Tolerance in Organ Transplantation: New Approaches

Dr. Vijay Kuchroo
Harvard: Genetic and Cellular Basis for Autoimmunity and Self Tolerance

Dr. Jin-Xiong She
U. of Florida: Predictions of Type 1 Diabetes by Genetic Polymorphism and Microarray Analysis

Dr. Richard Ulevitch
Scripps Research Institute: Multilevel Regulation of Innate Immunity

Dr. Silvano Sozzani
Mario Negri Inst. Milan, Italy: Chemokine Signalling

Dr. Carol Herbert
UWO: Basic Science After the Human Genome: medical education and research

Dr. Marcelo Tolmasky
CSU Fullerton: The growing threat of infectious diseases: molecular mechanisms and dissemination of bacterial antibiotic resistance

Dr. Jim Smiley
Univ. of Alberta: Shutoff during HSV-1 infection: Virus of host and vice-versa

Dr. Chris Whitfield
U. of Guelph: Moving high-molecular-weight polysaccharides through the bacterial cell envelope: synthesis and assembly of group 1 capsular polysaccharides

Dr. Gillian Gardiner
Lawson Res. Inst: Functional Food and Biomedical Applications of Probiotic Bacteria

MINI SYMPOSIUM    "Biomaterials, Wound Infections and Inflammation"

Dr. Janine Maddock
U. of Michigan: Clustering of Bacterial Chemoreceptors

Dr. Li Zhang
U. of Toronto: Antigen-specific tolerance induced by double negative regulatory T cells

Dr. Nick Sinclair
UWO: Coinhibition & Intracellular Feedback: Two ITIM-Based Forms of Negative Signaling

Dr. Matthias von Herrath
Scripps Res. Inst: Regulatory lymphocytes and APCs in type 1 diabetes

Dr. Jun Liu
U. of Toronto: Mycobacterial cell wall: structure, function and biosynthesis

Dr. David Cooper
Harvard: Outwitting evolution - recent studies in xenotransplantation

Dr. Matilde Leon-Ponte
Robarts Res. Inst: HTLV-II epidemiology in Guahibo and Yaruro Venezuelan Amerindians



Dr. Lori Frappier
U. of Toronto: Structure and Function of the Epstein-Barr virus origin binding protein, EBNA1

Dr. Nicholas Sinclair
UWO: Immune Responses Also Sicken: Implications for Lymphocyte Signaling

Dr. John Hiscott
McGill: Transcriptional regulation of cytokine/chemokine gene expression during HIV-1 pathogenesis

Dr. Stephen Miller
Northwestern University: Role of Epitope Spreading in the Chronic Pathogenesis of Autoimmune and Virus- Induced Demylelinating Diseases

Dr. Philippe Poussier
Toronto: Lack of intestinal T lymphopoiesis is associated with inflammatory bowel disease

Dr. Michel Sadelain
Sloan-KetteringCancer Center:Genetic approaches to enhance the anti-tumoral activities of human T lymphocytes

Dr. Jim Woodgett
Ontario Cancer Inst: Anti-apoptotic signalling: role of protein kinase B and the search for its targets

Dr. Michael Julius
Toronto: Functional Coupling of TcR with the CD3 Complex

Dr. Carl Robinow.
UWO:Update on Basidiobolus ranarum, a unicellular, uninucleate mould of dubious ancestry

Dr. Sandra Ruscetti
NCI-FCRDC:Deregulation of Erythroid Signal Transduction Pathways by the Friend Spleen Focus-Forming Virus

Dr. James Staley
U. Washington: Poles Apart: Biodiversity and Biogeography of Sea Ice Bacteria

Dr. Mark Atkinson
U of Florida: What do we really know about the pathogenesis of type 1 diabetes in humans?

Dr. Bob Zhong
UWO: Xenotransplantation: Is it a dream or a reality?

Dr. Andy Teng
UWO: CD4 T cells in infectious disease and self tolerance

Dr. A. Singer
NCI: Signals driving thymocyte development

Dr. Shirley Tilghman
Princeton: The mechanism and function of genomic imprinting

Dr. W. Sheffield
McMaster: Building slowly cleared antithrombotic albumin fusion proteins

Dr. Mark Sobsey
UNC-School of Public Health: Cryptosporidium parvum in Drinking Water: Recent Developments in Detection Methods and Control Measures

Dr. Mark Poznansky
RRI: Science in the new Millennium: new avenues of research, funding and community outreach

Dr. John Schrader
UBC:Rethinking the Ras pathway

Dr. Josef Penninger
Toronto:OPGL: a common link between T cells and bone loss

Dr. Joseph Tully
NIAID: Current impressions of the taxonomy, phylogeny, and pathogenicity of members of the class Mollicutes

Dr. R. Wange
NIA/NIH: Itk activation: a story of ZAP-70, Lat and the inadequacy of membrane targeting

Dr. Jonathan Katz
Washington U. (St. Louis): Less is more: understanding type 1 diabetes in the NOD mouse using reductionist approaches

Dr. Martin McGavin
Sunnybrook: Control of adhesive and invasive phenotype by Staphylococcus aureus

Dr. Eleanor Fish
Toronto: Interferon-alpha signaling: not just Jaks and Stats

Dr. Michel Tremblay
Université Laval: The Incorporation of Host-encoded Icam-1 in the Envelope of Hiv Positively Affect the Viral Life

Dr. Dario Vignali
St. Jude Memphis: Gateway to the Immune System: T Cell Receptor Recognition of MHC:peptide Complexes

Dr. Fred Possmayer
UWO: Pulmonary Surfactant Apoproteins: their role in surfactant function

Dr. Danielle Malo

Dr. Scott Gray-Owen
Toronto: Host cell responses to Neisseria gonorrhoeae infection: interactions between the Opa outer membrane proteins and human CD66 receptor family

Dr. Ronan Foley
Hamilton Civic Hosp:Melanoma Cancer Vaccine: Autologous CD34+-derived Dendritic Cells Transduced with an Adenovirus Expressing gp100


Dr. Donald Low
Mount Sinai Hospital: The emergence of antimicrobial resistance: Has it gone too far?

Dr. Suzanne Bernier
UWO: Cell signaling in chondrocytes

Dr. Stephen Ferguson
RRI: Molecular mechanisms of G protein coupled receptor endocytosis

Dr. David Lo
Scripps Research Institute: Integrating innate and adaptive immunity

Dr. Herb Schellhorn
McMaster: Stationary phase, RpoS-dependent gene regulation in Escherichia coli 

Dr. Rick Miller
Toronto: NK cell recognition mechanisms

Dr. Nancy Martin
Queens: Folding and presentation of Gram negative bacterial virulence determinants from the perspective of disulfide bond formation

Dr. G. Kidder
UWO: Connexin mutations and female infertility

Dr. Juan Zuniga-Pflucker     
Toronto: Molecular Control of Thymocyte Development and T cell Lineage Commitment

Dr. Dale Laird    
UWO: Trafficking, assembly and function of a connexin43- green fluorescent protein chimera in live mammalian cells

Dr. John Reynolds
U. of Calgary: Determinants of life and death in the B cell system

Dr. Marc Jenkins
U. Minnesota: Defining the activation requirements of antigen- specific CD4 T cells and B cells in vivo

Dr. Dale Greiner
Diabetes Division, Univ. Mass. Med. Ctr.: Transplantation tolerance induced by an anti-CD154 antibody and donor-specific transfusion

Dr. Sherwood Casjens
U. of Utah: The unusual genome of Borrelia burgdorferi, the Lyme disease spirochete

Dr. Kent HayGlass
U. of Manitoba: Why aren't you allergic? Cytokines, chemokines and maintenance of clinical tolerance