Message from the Chair, Division of Nuclear Medicine - Dr. Jonathan Romsa

Dr. Jonathan Romsa

As the year comes to an end, it’s an opportune time to give an update from the Division of Nuclear Medicine.

From an educational perspective, this July we have welcomed several new trainees from within Canada and abroad. We aspire to make your learning experience a memorable one!

On the same note our fellowship program has continued to be vibrant; it has attracted domestic and international trainees from various fields including cardiology, radiology and nuclear medicine.

Our physicist Dr. Stodilka, is working very hard with others to develop a master’s program in Medical Imaging, which will further enhance the educational experience offered to learners.

Operationally, things are now in full swing. The PET imaging program continues to expand as does the Therapy Program (Neuroendocrine, Thyroid cancer and other minimally invasive therapies).

The Division of Nuclear Medicine continues to collaborate with multiple departments on the research front. London is one of two sites nationwide actively participating in the Health Canada registry for Lu-177 labelled somatostatin analog therapy in neuroendocrine cancer. This is a collaborative program with Medical Oncology, Surgery and Radiology. Other notable collaborative projects among many include the ISCHEMIA trial (Cardiology), Long Term Follow up of Minimal Invasive Cardiac Surgery (CVT) and the Thyroid Cancer Database (Endocrinology).

Administratively, we welcome a new coordinator (Ryan MacDonald) to Nuclear Medicine. We look forward to a fruitful relationship.

To our outgoing coordinator Kathy Williams, we wish you the best in your new position with IT.

Thank you to all of you who have worked hard to ensure that we continue our excellence in the provision of patient care.

Dr. Jonathan Romsa
Chair, Division of Nuclear Medicine