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Writing Opportunity: in-Training



Thursday, October 1, 2015

in-Training, the online magazine for medical students, is looking for medical students of all class years to submit articles and essays about their experiences in medicine.

With an emphasis on humanism in medicine, in-Training is run entirely by medical students and serves as an outlet for budding physician-journalists and writers at all medical schools around the globe. Articles on any topic relevant to the medical student community are welcome, including reflections, opinions, policy, research, poetry and art.

Since it went live in July 2012, in-Training has published 750 articles from 300 writers at 120 institutions in seven countries. in-Training has been featured on NPR, USA Today, and the Scientific American blog. It is also a winner in the 2014 Web Health Awards.

Students are invited to subscribe to the bi-weekly newsletter at

Please fill out the interest form or contact the editor at if you are interested in writing, editing or reporting for in-Training.

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