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Conference Opportunity: WONCA World Rural Health Conference - Dubrovnik, Croatia



Thursday, January 29, 2015

Breaking down barriers: Bringing people together. Attend the 13th WONCA World Rural Health Conference in Dubrovnik, Croatia. The conference is taking place April 15-18, 2015.

Click here to view the conference website for more registration information.

This year the conference will be hosting a medical student session for the first time. Planned workshops will focus on rural health diversity around the world, the difficulties in recruitment and retention of rural practitioners, the importance of leadership and mentorship, and how to better involve students in rural practice.  

To increase participation and reach, there will also be a Twitter chat facilitated for some of the workshops. Follow @WoncaDubrovnik to access the feed.

As part of the conference, medical students are encouraged to submit short videos about their experiences with rural practice and placements.

Video guidelines and submission:
-2-3 minutes in length
-final entries emailed to
-questions to consider when creating your video include:

  1. Are you considering a future in rural practice? Why?
  2. Have you attended a rural placement program? Did it change your views on rural practice?
  3. Where was the placement?  Where would you like to go for placement?
  4. Did your medical studies prepare you for rural practice?
  5. What differences do you see between urban and rural practice?
  6. What issues do you think need to be addressed to attract junior doctors to rural areas?
  7. Do you think that your personal and professional needs would be met in a rural area?

These videos will be posted on the WONCA Rural Health YouTube channel and used to promote discussion on a wide range of topics. Click here to bookmark the channel.

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