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OMSA Medical Student of the Month: Kevin Dueck, Meds 2016



Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Congratulations to Kevin Dueck, Meds 2016, on being named September's Medical Student of the Month by the Ontario Medical Students Association (OMSA)!

Kevin is being recognized for his communication skills, leadership in wellness and peer support and for his achievements in finding balance in life as a young father and medical student.

Kevin shares his experiences with medicine through several vehicles, including his blog, Aboot Medicine, and poetry writing.

As a co-founder of Western Vitals, Kevin has worked hard to promote medical student wellness at Schulich Medicine & Dentistry through workshops, activities and an online presence.

As a young father and husband, Kevin is a role model in maintaining wellness and health in the midst of the challenge of medical school.

Click here to read more about why Kevin was selected as Medical Student of the Month.

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