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Opportunity Reminder: Sandra Banner Student Award for Leadership



Wednesday, November 26, 2014

The Sandra Banner Student Award for Leadership (SBSAL) recognizes a medical student who has demonstrated an interest in and aptitude for leadership. Up to $3000 is also provided to support this individual’s leadership activities, such as attendance at leadership conferences, formal leadership education, or a leadership elective.

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Note: this is the first year the SBSAL award has a category for undergraduate medical students. Past winners have traditionally been residents, and as such, their degree of leadership experience is not expected from an undergraduate student.

Looking to apply? All students must complete an internal application for consideration to the Student Affairs Committee (see attached). Once the internal applications have been vetted through the Student Affairs Committee, they will be presented to the Associate Dean, UME who will write the necessary letters for your application to CaRMS itself.

Please submit your application to the Student Affairs Committee at by Friday November 28, 2014.  

A previous list of winners is available here.

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