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Nominate Schulich Medicine for host of the CFMS 2015 Annual General Meeting



Wednesday, October 29, 2014

The CFMS is now accepting applications from member schools to host the 2015 Annual General Meeting!

Every year, one of the CFMS member schools hosts the CFMS AGM in or near the city of their medical school or its distributed campuses. This provides an excellent opportunity to increase the profile of Schulich Medicine, increase CFMS awareness to students at our School, and provides an opportunity to host friends and colleagues from the CFMS in our community. Let's show off our School and what makes us great!

The CFMS Executive will review applications received by December 5, 2014. The winning school will be announced announced December 12.

Click here to read the Proposal Request, with more information about what to include in the bid.

Any requests, questions or concerns can be directed towards the CFMS Western Regional Representative John Schulte at

Click here for additional information.

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