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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

in-Training is looking for medical students of all class years to submit written and artistic works about their experiences in medicine for the peer-edited online publication. 

in-Training is run entirely by medical students and serves as an outlet for budding physician-journalists, writers and artists at medical schools around the globe.

The publication is looking for students interested in writing about any topic relevant to the medical student community, including technology, policy, ethics, law, and literature. in-Training is also looking for students interested in covering breaking news as reporters, writing in-depth columns about topics they are passionate about, managing social media accounts, and artists, musicians, and poets to produce creative works for the Off the Shelf section.

No prior writing experience is required.

Click here to visit in-Training.

in-Training is also launching a writing internship in January 2015 and is looking for highly-motivated medical students who are interested in pursuing writing as part of their future careers for one-on-one mentorship with the medical student editors. If you are interested in working as an intern, please contact

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