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Message to Meds 2017



Monday, September 8, 2014

We hope had a safe and happy summer filled with lots of fun and positive experiences, along with some relaxation to get you ready for the busy months ahead.

Below are updates and important reminders for the new academic year.

Immunization/Criminal Record Forms:

Immunization and criminal record disclosure forms were due August 15, 2014. If you have not submitted yours, contact ASAP.

Small Group Room Assignments:

We have changed the way in which small group information is communicated to you.

OWL will now become your main source of information pertaining to small group student distribution, facilitator information, and room location assignment. One45 will continue to store all your schedule information, however when small groups are concerned will you be instructed to go to OWL for instructor/room information.

In OWL, a "Small Group Schedule" tab will reside within each course. Within the Small Group Schedule homepage, please find the appropriate small group session name and select the corresponding schedule link for group distribution, facilitator name(s) and room location.  

Please be aware that this schedule may change prior to the small group session and therefore should be checked frequently. If you have any questions or concerns please contact: or

Attendence and Absenteeism:

We have very exciting news about attendance. We have developed a new process for requesting leaves of absence which takes place within Single Sign On. Make sure you bookmark the new web page for Attendance here and review the linked policies on that page.   

We remind you that attendance in small groups and labs is mandatory, and failure to be present in these sessions will be considered a breach of professionalism.

Awards, Bursaries and Financial Aid:

The Financial Assistance Profile application will be available up until October 31. Click here for more information. You are encouraged to apply by September 30 to be considered for all available awards.

Check back to the UME Awards page regularly. Information about awards that are available for the coming academic year will be posted soon.

Policies and Statements:

The past year we have clarified many policies and procedures in UME. Click here to access.

Contact Information:

Please take a moment to update your Emergency Contact information in Single Sign On and also make sure your address is correct with the Registrar’s Office. This is the address that will be used to mail out award cheques, so you really want to make sure it’s correct! Go to, go to "Demographic Data" and click "Addresses".

The YouME Blog:

The Blog is still a great source of information for all years in Undergraduate Medicine. Don’t forget to check it regularly.

Letters of Good Standing:

If you have any requests for letters of good standing please contact

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