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A message from Han Yan, Hippocratic President for 2014/15



Monday, August 18, 2014

A very special welcome to the incoming Class of 2018. We are all excited that you are joining our Schulich Medicine family!

There is a very exciting year ahead of us. This is the year of accreditation, the year that the electronic elective application tool rolls out, and the year that we get to try out our brand new POCUS machine – thanks to the Class of 2014 for their generous donation.

My main goals for this year are to work on student communication and student wellness, and to be a strong support system for the Hippocratic Council and the general student body.

There are so many great student projects and opportunities all the way from the level of the Canadian Federation of Medical Students (CFMS) to the local projects we enjoy at our School. I am excited to find new ways to keep everyone informed and involved. Student wellness is also personally important for me to work towards, and I am proud that Schulich Medicine & Dentistry has many learner resources and a strong support network.

I wanted to be involved in the Hippocratic council for the same reason that I wanted to become a doctor. I believe there's nothing greater that you can give a person than "empowerment." Whether you are treating a disease so that a patient can return to their daily routine, or providing funding for extra-curricular activities to relieve stress, or communicating student concerns to the administration to continue to move forward, it's all about helping individuals reach their full potential.

My final message to everyone is that I am always here to listen and to talk to. Whether you have complaints, concerns, are seeking advice, or just want to chat, I am available and would love to hear from you.

I’m looking forward to getting to know the Class of 2018 for the first time and also seeing old friends for news conversations.


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