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Spirited competition and tons of fun at Celebrity Jeopardy



Monday, May 26, 2014

The Celebrity Jeopardy event hosted by the Class of 2016 last Thursday was a big success. Supporters enjoyed some friendly competition and lots of memorable moments, and raised $500 for Meals on Wheels.

As the heavy favourite – and the one who talked the most smack leading up to the event – Dr. Michael Rieder finished the evening as champion. He got off to a slow start in the first round, but he took control in Double Jeopardy and never looked back.

Dr. Tom Miller's family gets an honourable mention as they never stopped cheering for him.

Dr. David Colby had a faithful group of 2015's cheering him on and also gets an honourable mention for the "most entertaining contestant" – no real surprises there.

Dr. Rob Hammond was a natural on the mic and kept everyone laughing from start to finish.

Thanks to all who attended and supported the event. Planning is now underway for a second Celebrity Jeopardy!

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