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A message from the desk of Gerry Cooper



Wednesday, May 7, 2014


Last night I had the honour to once again serve as a judge for the Windsor Program's annual Spring Talent Show. Anna Farias and Dr. Joyce Fung, MD'13, also served as judges.

The show was very well organized and emceed by Travis Trudeau, Medicine Class of 2016; indeed, he got us all laughing with his rapping abilities.

All performers brought their A-game and the evening was thoroughly entertaining. I don't think anybody was surprised that Hao Li, Medicine Class of 2016, was named the top performer of the show by the judging panel. His emotional performance of a Rochmaninoff piece had many dabbing their eyes afterwards and calling for an encore. Luckily, he complied with our wishes.

The Spring Talent Show not only showcases how accomplished our Schulich Medicine learners are, it provides an excellent vehicle for bonding between classmates and colleagues.

Thanks to all who attended and contributed towards the named charity and special thanks to all the performers who graced those in attendance with their talents!

The Spring Talent Show gets better every year and I am very much looking forward to next year's effort.

Gerry Cooper

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