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Congrats to the History of Medicine Days presenters



Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Congratulations to the five Schulich Medicine students who presented posters at the History of Medicine Days conference at the University of Calgary in early March.

James Ahlin, Meds 2016 – From Vapours to Variola: An Early Treatise on Smallpox in the Context of Our Modern Understanding of Viruses

Justine Denomme, Meds 2015 – Barriers Surrounding Hemodialysis for Patients with ESRD: Improving Access since 1945

Kevin Dueck, Meds 2016 – Dominique Jean Larrey and the Treatment of Fractures: From Amputation to Casting

Hannah MacKenzie, Meds 2016 – Body Connections from Vesalius’ Fabrica to Bodyworlds: the Importance of Context in Anatomical Knowledge Transfer

Pallavi Sriram, Meds 2016 - Trotula’s Legacy Today – Choosing to Focus on Women’s Healthcare

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