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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Student Surgery Leadership Weekend, University of Michigan - Ann Arbour
May 9-11, 2014

Goals of the program:
Facilitate and motivate medical students to becoming the future leaders in
surgery as well as provide them the knowledge and preparation to apply
for and match in academic surgery. There will be over 25 faculty, house
officers and recently matched medical students to facilitate a personalized
experience for each participant.

Who can apply:
All University of Michigan medical students who intend to apply in general,
vascular, plastic or cardiothoracic surgery (to match in March
2015) are guaranteed a spot in the Student Surgery Leadership Weekend.
In addition, students from other American and Canadian medical schools applying to surgery
in 2014 may apply.

Benefits of participation:
All applicants will receive a summary of the proceedings of the program as
well as a guide on “How to apply for surgical residency”. A small group of
students will be invited to participate in the Student Surgery Leadership
Weekend based on the competitiveness of their application.

Costs of participation:
The Academic Surgeon Development Program at the University of
Michigan will cover room, board, and meals. This includes the students
selected to participate who attend medical schools other than the
University of Michigan.

Deadline to apply: March 21, 2014. Selected participants will be notified April 4, 2014. Apply online here.

To learn more about the Student Surgery Leadership Weekend, please contact:
Angie Sullivan, Program Coordinator

Or visit

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