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Introducing our live Twitter Q&A guest tweeters



Monday, February 24, 2014

Meet our six guest tweeters, all current medical students at Schulich Medicine! They will be answering questions about Interview Weekend and our School’s student experience live on Twitter tonight. Join us from 7:00 – 8:30 p.m. @SchulichMedDent.

Read about the students' Schulich Medicine experiences and career aspirations below. They’ve also shared what their top choice for superpower would be if they could have one.


Tehmina Ahmad, MD Class of 2017

Why medicine? When it came down to what I felt most passionate about, I found myself caught between two things: a love for the connections, stories and journeys every person has to offer, but also a love of the mystery, awe and curiosity that science ignites. What I discovered is that medicine really bridges the gap between the two.

Why Schulich Medicine? Schulich Medicine provides you with incredible opportunities to advance your knowledge, skills and abilities as a future physician and community leader. The faculty and staff make you feel at home and truly care about your well-being. The School encourages students to pursue their passions. Classmates are also above and beyond supportive. You really have a sense of family here. Your experiences at Schulich Medicine are truly what you make them. No matter what your interests might be, you will find it here.

Career aspirations? This is a tough question because once you are at Schulich Medicine an entire world of opportunities opens up. In just five months I have found myself drawn in many directions. My greatest interests are in internal medicine and working within hospital-based team environments, but ultimately I seek to strengthen bonds between our community and health care system.

Superpower? I would want to be able to heal and/or re-generate people.


Niran Argintaru, MD Class of 2014

Why medicine? I want a career that is rewarding, exciting and allows me to be involved in academics.

Why Schulich Medicine? There are a lot of things I love about studying at Schulich Medicine. It’s a school where the students are incredibly involved in the curriculum. There are countless student initiatives aimed at giving each class a better medical school experience and that leads to the feeling that the students are there for each other.

Career aspirations? I am interested in emergency medicine and hope to both teach and conduct research.

Superpower? Telekinesis  



Keegan Guidolin, MD Class of 2017

Why medicine? I chose to study medicine because it’s the one field that connects my fascination for human biology and scientific application with my desire to spend my life doing as much good as I can.

Why Schulich Medicine? I chose Schulich Medicine because of its reputation for medical education excellence and the opportunity to do observerships and clerkship rotations in a variety of medical and surgical specialties with some of the best physicians in the world. The beautiful campus, incredible support systems and fantastic colleagues are a big bonus.

Career aspirations? So far I am interested in pursuing a surgical specialty, but it’s still pretty early in my medical school days for those kind of decisions.

Superpower? You know that one girl in “Heroes” that can learn anything by watching/reading/seeing it once? I want that. Then I’d be able to read ECGs.


Vanessa DeMelo, MD Class of 2017

Why medicine? I wanted to have a career that allowed me to study science and physiology, work with people in a team environment, interact with patients, use critical thinking skills and have a direct and measurable impact.

Why Schulich Medicine? I chose Schulich Medicine because of the top-notch curriculum and hospital experience, the attitude of the students and the ability to study in London. The support from the faculty is excellent and they have a genuine wish for students to succeed.

Career aspirations? I’m considering surgery but trying to keep an open mind to everything that I see!

Superpower? The ability to speak and understand any language.



Jeff Hepburn, MD Class of 2016

Why medicine? Medicine is incredibly rewarding and humbling. We are invited into people’s lives; we must remain lifelong learners and challenge ourselves to always strive for excellence.

Why Schulich Medicine? Western University is the pride of London and has been embraced by the Windsor community as well. Schulich Medicine has a rich history of excellence in research and teaching. Every day I am reminded of how lucky I am to be here; great people, great instructors, and new experiences in the hospitals.

Career aspirations? Too early to say – to be a great physician!

Superpower? To fly, obviously!


Michael Kim, MD Class of 2017

Why medicine? I wanted a career that was both engaging and ever-changing.

Why Schulich Medicine? I think Schulich Medicine’s program is dynamic, it changes each year with feedback from the students. I particularly like the clinical skills class.

Career aspirations? I’m interested in surgery, but open to other specialties as I progress through my education.

Superpower? Teleportation. It would save me so much time and allow me to work and live anywhere.

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