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Get creative with the name our hashtag contest



Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Our School is hosting a “name our hashtag” contest!

The School’s social media activity connects us with members of the campus community and beyond. We're looking for a new School hashtag to represent Schulich Medicine & Dentistry in social media conversations.

The hashtag can represent the School’s name or a theme that is strong within our community. Show off your creativity!

Submissions are now being accepted until February 13.

A committee will vote on the top five submissions. The top 5 will then be posted to our School’s Facebook page, where you can vote for your favourite.

Hashtag tips & tricks:

What is a hashtag?
A hashtag is an unspaced word preceded by the “#” symbol. It is actively used on Twitter and Facebook and can identify and index conversations, tweets and/or posts about a specific topic or theme.

What makes a good hashtag?
A hashtag should be:
•    Short in length
•    Relevant to what it is describing

Is there anything the hashtag shouldn’t be?
•    Should not be the word Schulich on its own i.e. #Schulich
•    It should not be an abbreviation of the School name, i.e. #SSMD

Submit your hashtag ideas now! Email submissions to

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