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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

The University of Groningen is offering its Medical Sciences Summer Schools program this summer. Choose from six topics, each running for one week in late June and early July.

The aim of the Summer School program is to provide international students with a highly stimulating environment and increase their knowledge in specific areas of medicine and biomedical sciences. A hallmark of all Summer Schools is the combination of clinical practice and research.

2014 topics (email contact provided):

Transplantation Medicine, July 7-11

Healthy Ageing, June 30-July 4

Global Health, June 30-July 9

Ageing Brain (Translational Neurosciences), June 30-July 9

Translational Pediatrics, June 30-July 9

Oncology, June 30-July 11

More information on the summer schools can be found here.

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