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Catching up with Yin Hui as she further explores the future of elderly care in her SRTP



Tuesday, August 6, 2013

We first heard from Yin Hui, Meds 2015, in early July as she started her Summer Research Training Program (SRTP) project looking at the nature of teaching discussions around care of the elderly on clinical teaching units. Learn more about her experience and how her SRTP has progressed over the last month:  

This summer continues to be really great! Both Dr. Diachun and everyone at CERI continues to be very supportive in guiding our research direction, preparing for conferences, as well as helping me to gain a better understanding of qualitative research.

One of the best things about working with Dr. Diachun is that she has been very encouraging in providing opportunities for me to present at conferences. I had the opportunity to go to the Canadian Geriatric Society conference, as well as the Canadian Conference on Medical Education. Both of these conferences were very eye opening experiences, as educators and researchers from all over Canada shared what they have been doing to enrich the knowledge in their respective areas

I am happy to report that we have concluded our recruitment and preliminary analysis! Now we are in the process of looking at some of the emerging themes in our interview transcripts. Next steps for me would be to present some of the preliminary results at the SRTP presentation on August 7th. In addition, Dr. Diachun will be sharing our results at the AMEE internationally education conference later in August.

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