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Experiencing Medicine in China



Monday, July 29, 2013


Meet David Linton, Schulich Medicine Class of 2016, as he shares his experience travelling to China as part of the Medical Students Initiatives in China (MSIC).

The MSIC program has a goal of facilitating communication and learning with both medical practitioners in China and Chinese medical students. It gives us the chance to see how a medical care system, on a dramatically larger scale than our own, can function.

As part of the MSIC program we travelled to both Beijing and Chengdu hospitals, and also visited the Bethel Orphanage for visually impaired children outside of Beijing.

We act as ambassadors to the local medical practitioners and students and act as observers in many different hospital departments both in Beijing and Chengdu. We are learning about traditional Chinese medicine and its integration into the overall medical system. Furthermore, we were able to meet a large group of local medical students at West China School of Medicine, and help them with their English. Lastly, we have made presentations about Canadian health care and medical education.

I’m most excited to learn about how the local hospitals can manage such a large volume of patients and care for so many people. Considering the challenges faced in Canada to provide care for our population, I hope to learn some of the strategies employed by local health care providers to provide care on such a massive scale.