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Academic Schedule, Curriculum, & Course Materials

Meds 2023

For the 2020-21 academic year we anticipate clinical learning as described in the new Clerkship model approved by the MD Program Curriculum on May 29, 2020. This was shared by e-mail on June 17. Most rotations (aside from your rural Schulich Distributed Education rotation) will occur in London, Windsor or a Distributed Education site.

Note: You will need permanent accommodation in the city of your home campus in London or Windsor for the 2020-21 academic year.

Meds 2024, 2025 and 2026

The MD Program curriculum has been adapted to align with the Western University planning created in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. These innovations are aligned with principles of:

  • Student safety;
  • Competency-based assessment;
  • Active learning in large, small and team based groups;
  • Technology for virtual learning;
  • On-campus learning and assessments where important for establishing competency in Clinical Skills and Anatomy;
  • Support for self-directed clinical learning with faculty in London and Windsor.

This is consistent with the guidelines from Western University and Public Health. We are able to adapt to any new changes in Public Health recommendations that may loosen or tighten restrictions for on-campus learning.

Your courses for Year 1 and 2 learning will consist of:

  • Large group sessions using synchronous and asynchronous on-line learning;
  • Virtual small group learning for Independent Small Group Learning and Discipline Specific Small Group Learning;
  • A mixed model of virtual and on-campus learning in very small groups for Anatomy and Clinical Skills;
  • Research and Quality Improvement projects for Experiential Learning;
  • Academic Coaching will be virtual.

You will be expected to attend all mandatory on-campus and virtual small group, simulation, anatomy laboratory and identified assessment sessions designated in each course syllabus.

The curriculum design acknowledges and encourages the clinical and research experiential components in our Competency-Based CBME curriculum. For this reason, we will continue to protect Tuesday for Year 1 students and Wednesday for Year 2 students to provide time for these activities. There will, however, be specific Tuesdays and/or Wednesdays in which we will have curriculum (for example, if there is a stat holiday during that week or rarely for a critical educational session).

Our School has a long tradition of early medical student independent clinical learning – starting in Year 1. When and where possible, all Clinical Departments in the School and the MD Program is supporting clinical learning experiences for students across all Schulich affiliated sites. You will have an adaptive timetable that allows you to participate in Optional Clinical Learning Opportunities (OCLOs) in Schulich affiliated sites for career development or integration of clinical context with course content at a time that suits you and your requested department.

Please follow closely, as our model will adapt and change to provide for changes in learning according to evolving provincial public health and university guidelines.

Note: We strongly suggest you live at your assigned campus location (London or Windsor) to optimize your learning and professional development.

All information regarding schedules, curriculum, and course materials will be provided to students during Orientation Week.

Sessional Dates