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Request for Research Assistance

The Schulich School of Medicine and Dentistry at Western University is committed to advancing medical educational research, as evidenced by the high volume of scholarship in this area produced by our faculty, students, residents, and affiliated researchers. Our Centre for Education Research & Innovation fosters a thriving research community by providing multiple avenues for members of our broad community to engage in research that aligns with diverse individual and institutional goals. Moreover, the Evaluation, Data, and Project Management Division of the Undergraduate Medical Education program conducts regular surveys of students and others, in keeping with the School’s commitment to continuous quality improvement.

While we celebrate a strong research culture, we also recognize that the increase in independent research requests may cause an untenable burden on students, or may occur at inappropriate times during their educational program. Students can become confused about whether a survey is part of Schulich’s own program evaluation efforts, an independent survey designed by a department or course chair, or a free-standing educational research project by either an internal or external investigator – and thus may be uncertain of their obligations and freedoms.

In response to the growing frequency and complexity of educational research requests and program evaluation studies, the Undergraduate Medical Education program has established a formal review process. In order for researchers to access our MD students for recruitment as participants in surveys or other data collection efforts, or to request the assistance of faculty and/or staff with a curriculum inquiry, for example, formal approval must be granted by the Undergraduate Medical Education program.

To initiate the review and approval process, the requestor must complete and submit the following online Request for Research Participation Form. This form must be completed by any student, resident, faculty member, clinician, research assistant, research associate, or external researcher who seeks our assistance in a project (e.g., distribution of a survey or recruitment message to students, request for curriculum or assessment information).

Request for Research Assistance Form