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Windsor Staff

Stephanie Baker

Education Assistant; UGE and PGE Medicine

519.254.5577 x33380

Gloria Bortolin

Clinical Skills Facility Coordinator

519.253.3000 Ext: 4301

Alex Carson

Education Assistant; UGE and PGE Psychiatry and Paediatrics

519.254.5577 x56424

Cassandra Catalano

Administrative Assistant

Stephanie Coccimiglio

LEW Coordinator

519.253.3000 x4312 / 4302

Dave Cormier

Acting Manager

Kelly Ducharme

Undergraduate Curriculum Administrator

519.253.3000 x4303

Anna Farias

Anatomy Learning Specialist

Michael Farquhar

Undergraduate Education Administrator Year 1

519.253.3000 x1415

Drew Foley

Audio-Visual Technician

519.253.3000 x4304/4305

Christine Gignac

Education Assistant; UGE and PGE Family Medicine

WRH 519.254.5577 x33964

Dr. Larry Jacobs

Associate Dean

Dr. Art Kidd

Assistant Director, Learner Equity & Wellness

Ext. 4343/4302

Christine Mackie

Undergraduate Education Administrator Year 2

519.253.3000 x4324

Beverly Nicholls

Education Assistant, UGE and PGE Obstetrics & Gynaecology and Surgery

519.254.5577 x52507

Wioletta Niemasik

Clinical Methods Assistant

519.253.3000 x4320

Adam Raffoul

Anatomy Demonstrator

519.253.3000 x4310

Nicole Sbrocca

Manager, Windsor Campus

Mariam Shallal

Administrative Assistant

519.253.3000 x1411

Bianca Vasapolli

Clinical Education Team Leader

519.254.5577 x31064

Linda Wright

Education Assistant

519.254.5577 x56555