Master of Public Health

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The Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry offers Canada’s only 12-month case-based curriculum including a 12-week integrated on-site practicum in a regional, national or international community organization.

Students learn in small teams of approximately 60 classmates using a case-based/experiential method. Students enjoy integrative workshops and seminars with leading practitioners, which build on their class work.

Students interested in learning more about the Master of Public Health Program should visit the Program website.

How to apply

All students applying must, regardless of past degrees or present program, meet MPH Program approved admission criteria:

  • A four-year undergraduate degree in a recognized Canadian or accepted university with a minimum 70% (Canadian equivalency) in the final two years of study;
  • Demonstrated awareness and interest of the public health profession’s role in identifying and solving complex public health problems (through work, volunteering, curriculum, etc.);
  • Recommended: Successfully completed undergraduate statistics course with a minimum 70% (Canadian equivalency) within the past five years;
  • For MD Students: Successfully completed first two (2) years of an MD program and agreed to enroll before Year 3 or prior to Year 4. Students may choose to enroll; after matriculation form Year 4 prior to residency education;
  • Fulfill all requirements for admissions to the Western Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies.

Applicants must apply online through the Western Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies site.

A completed online application must be submitted, including all of the following information and documentation:

  • Biographical information;
  • Contact information;
  • Academic background;
  • Scanned copy of transcripts for any postsecondary institutions previously attended or currently attending;
  • Current resume or CV;
  • One page (single-spaced) statement of interest addressing the following: "What are your career aspirations in public health and how will our MPH Program help you achieve these goals?"
  • One page (single-spaced) document answering the following two questions (maximum 1/2 page each):
    • Please provide an example of your leadership skills.
    • Tell us a situation/experience that was formative in your understanding of public health.
  • Scanned copy of all degrees obtained (undergraduate, MA, PhD, MD, etc.)
  • For Permanent Residents, a scanned copy of your PR Card is needed (please ensure that both the back and the front of it are copied) or any other documentation indicating your immigration status;
  • References, including at least one from an academic source (the system will send electronic requests for your reference letters);
  • Application fee of $115 Canadian.

For more information, visit the Master of Public Health website.

Approval Process

Approval is necessary from each of the following:
  1. Approval for Academic Leave of Absence by the Vice Dean, Undergraduate Medical Education on recommendation by the MD Program Competence Committee
  2. Approval by Western Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies
  3. Admissions Committee for Schulich MPH Program
Students with interest and competency to enroll must submit requests to the MD Program Competence Committee for approval in the second semester of Year 1 or Year 3 studies.

An application to the Chair of the MD Program Competence Committee must be filed by the MD student to request a one to two-year Academic Leave of Absence.

The MD Program Competence Committee will review the application to reach a decision.

The student application must include:
  • Personal Letter of Intent to apply for enrollment in the MD MPH Process
  • Professional Curriculum Vitae
  • Letter of support from Learner Experience Decanal Lead
  • Letter of support from the student’s Faculty Academic Coach
The MD Program Competency Committee will make a recommendation to the Associate Dean, Undergraduate Medical Education for endorsement or denial of a one to two-year academic Leave of Absence.

As per MD Program process, all Academic Leaves (pdf) must be approved by the Associate Dean, Undergraduate Medical Education.
  • The Chair of MD Program Competence Committee will notify the Associate Dean, Undergraduate Medical Education by email of the documents of intent from applicant and the decision of the Competence Committee
  • The Associate Dean, Undergraduate Medical Education will review all information and may (at personal discretion) ask to meet with the student
  • The Associate Dean, Undergraduate Medical Education will reach a decision to support or deny the requested Academic Leave.
  • A decision of support or denial will be communicated to the student in a single letter signed by the Associate Dean, Undergraduate Medical Education and the Chair of MD Program Competence committee.
  • All documents will be filed with the MD Program student file.
  • Refusals may be appealed as per MD Program Appeals Process (pdf).


Student would apply to the Master of Public Health Program in their second year of the MD Program, or after their third-year of the MD Program. Students would receive a 12-month leave of absence from the MD Program once accepted into the Master of Public Health Program.



Fall Semester 1

Introductory session hosted for interested Year 1,2,3 students

Fall and Winter

Students may shadow present student in MPH Program

March 1 Semester 2

MD Program Competence Committee accepting applications for Academic Leave to enrol in MD MPH

October 1

Applications open for MPH and Graduate Studies application

November 1

Applications from students to MD Program Competency Committee for Academic LOA closed

November 30

Final decisions to applicant students from MD Program Competence Committee

January 10

Applications close for MPH Program

January 30

Decisions of MPH Admissions Committee communicated to MD MPH applicants for enrollment in following academic year

September 1

MPH Program curriculum is launched

Financial Support

No financial support is offered to cover costs of the Master of Public Health Program.


What will be my degrees at convocation?

You will graduate with an MD and MPH.

Can I audit a class or day with a present MPH student to better understand the MPH Program?

Yes, the MPH Program can arrange this in advance. Students who are interested are encouraged to undertake this to better understand the curriculum and learning processes.

What will be my tuition?

While in the MPH Program, you will only pay the standard MPH tuition.

When I return, what will be my status?

Unless otherwise requested, you will re-enroll in MD Program studies in the September of the academic year immediately following the end-August completion date of the MPH Program.

How do I handle my present bursaries or loans?

The Learner Experience Office and Western student support services can assist with this issue.

Will I still have access to Learner Experience?

You will remain a student in good standing in the MD Program and will have full access to the support of the Learner Experience Office.

Can I do OCLO’s while in the MPH Program?

No. You will be on a one year LOA similar to MD PhD students.

Can my MPH year be lengthened to two years?

If requested, a student may be granted an additional year of leave to enhance their MPH studies and/or project.

If I am in the Windsor Campus, can I complete this degree from Windsor?

You will be required to participate as full time MPH student in learning teams on site in London. Therefore, you must for the year relocate to London. When you return to the MD Program, you will return to the Windsor Campus.

Can I continue in MD Program student clubs and social processes?

Yes and this is encouraged to retain contact with your MD peers.

Do other Canadian medical schools offer MD MPH Programs?

Not all Canadian universities have a MPH Program and those that do offer similar processes.