Master of Public Administration

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Western University offers Canada’s only Master of Public Administration (MPA) program exclusively focused on local government public administration.

Students interested in this program will take courses that offer specialized education in local administration and policy analysis, preparing them for the challenges of modern community, urban and regional governance and administration. Students will enjoy the experience of their course peers who include mid-career administrators in municipal government, provincial ministries and not-for-profit organizations.

The course schedule is designed for working practitioners with courses offered during the evenings, weekends, and as weeklong intensives in the summer.  MPA students take 12 courses plus the final research paper.

Students interested in learning more about the Master of Public Administration can visit the program website.

How to apply

Please visit the MPA website for more application information.

Approval Process

  1. An application to the Vice Dean, Undergraduate Medical Education and Chair of the Doctor of Medicine (MD) Program Competence Committee must initially be filed by the MD student to request a one-year Academic Leave of Absence.

  2. The MD Program Competence Committee will review the application to reach a decision.

  3. The student application must include:
    1. Personal Letter of Intent to apply for enrolment in the Ivey Master Program
    2. Professional Curriculum Vitae
    3. Letter of support from Learner Experience Decanal Lead

  4. The MD Program Competency Committee will make a recommendation to the Vice Dean Undergraduate Medical Education for endorsement of a one year Academic Leave of Absence.

    1. All Academic Leaves must be approved by the Vice Dean, Undergraduate Medical Education (UME).
    2. The Chair of MD Program Competence Committee will notify the Vice Dean, UME in writing of the documents of intent from applicant and the decision of the Competence Committee.
    3. The Vice Dean, UME will review all information and may request to meet with the student.
    4. The Vice Dean, UME will reach a decision to support or deny the requested Academic Leave.
    5. A decision of support or denial will be communicated to the student in a letter signed by the Vice Dean, UME.
    6. All documents will be filed with the MD Program student file.
Contact: Dr. Shannon Venance, Vice Dean, Undergraduate Medical Education.


The application window is open October to January each year. Admissions and application information is available through the program’s website.

Financial Support

No financial support is offered from the School. The MPA program has an entrance scholarship for full-time students. Please visit the program website to learn more.


Why MPA?

Physician leaders are increasingly becoming involved in public policy creation and in roles that intersect strategically and operationally with local, provincial and federal governments.

Examples are in Public Health; Health Care governance (Ontario Health Teams); Key provincial and national health treatment and prevention processes; Physicians who aspire to reach political office.

The MPA offers students an experiential learning process with other professionals in government to build from in their future career.