Professional Master in Interdisciplinary Space Studies

Photograph of spaceThe Master in Interdisciplinary Space Studies captures the growing excitement and interest in space and remote medicine. Hosted by the Institute for Earth and Space Exploration, it is the first professional degree in Canada to bring an interdisciplinary approach to space studies.

This Program is geared to students with backgrounds in science, medical sciences, social science, engineering, business, or policy and law who are interested in entering the growing space sector – or who are already in the sector and looking to further their education.

Students will acquire the necessary skills to work effectively in the rapidly expanding and evolving space sector, both private and governmental.

The Program will use an innovative delivery method. Courses will be offered through a combination of intensive one- to two-week short courses and semester-long online courses.

In doing so, students can take this Master’s while continuing academic training and have the flexibility of completing the Program over various lengths of time.

The core option for a capstone project will be a simulated or so-called analogue mission. This will be unique internationally for any space-related master’s degree.

To learn more about this Program, please visit Professional Master in Interdisciplinary Space Studies website.

This Program has been approved by Western University's Senate. More details about the application, approval process, timelines and financial support will be available shortly.

Prospective students are advised that offers of admission to a new program may be made only after the University’s own quality assurance processes have been completed and the Ontario Universities Council on Quality Assurance has approved the program.