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International Application

This program is currently closed and not accepting applications.

The process for reviewing and accepting applications for 2015 clinical elective placements (May to August 2015) for Canadian students studying abroad will begin on October 31, 2014.

We will not review, accept or maintain any applications sent until further notice.  Applications received will be destroyed.


  • Students enrolled at the Schulch School of Medicine & Dentistry adhere to a Statement on Student Professionalism.
  • It is the expectation that students participating in our Visiting Student Electives Program adhere to the same standards as those registered in the Undergraduate Medical Education program.
  • At the discretion of the Associate Dean, Undergraduate Medical Education, if at any time during the application and placement process a student demonstrates egregious unprofessional behavior, all outstanding applications will be declined and a letter will be sent to the Undergraduate Medical Education Dean at the students home school.
  • See also: Termination of an Elective

Vulnerable Sector Screening

  • Students will be required to provide proof of Police Records Check upon confirmation of the elective unless already verified by their Home School
  • Failure to provide an adequate police record check may result in the termination of your elective.

Electives Offered After Completion of Core Rotation

  • Subject to capacity, Clinical Electives are offered to students who have completed their core rotations in a number of specialties and sub-specialties.
  • Capacity is determined annually and is not subject to interdepartmental negotiation by the VSE Office.  VSE capacity is determined by Departments in collaboration with the Associate Dean, Undergraduate Medical Education Program and, when appropriate, the Associate Dean Postgraduate Medical Education Program when programs require elective experience for CaRMS Eligibility.

Assessment of Clinical Electives at the Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry

  • The supervising physician or resident is responsible for evaluating students while on an elective.
  • It is the responsibility of every visiting student to ensure that their assessment form has been completed and returned to their home school.

Cancellation of a Clinical Elective

  • Six weeks’ notice must be given if a student wishes to cancel an elective. 
  • If a cancellation notice is received in less than six weeks before the start of the elective, a letter noting lack of professional behaviour will be sent to the student's home university.

Travel & Accommodation

  • Students are advised not to make any travel arrangements until an elective has been confirmed by the VSE Office.
  • Students are responsible for arranging their own accommodation, although a listing of accommodation will be provided upon approval of elective
    • The Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry provides an accommodation list as a service to visiting students but does not inspect, approve or endorse any location on the list.

Health Requirements for Students in Clinical Placements

All visiting student elective students should be prepared to provide proof of any or all requirements at any given time during your clinical placement at Western. View the current COFM Immunization Policy.

Policy on Infection Diseases

  • When dealing with patients with infectious diseases, students are expected to provide care in keeping with the learning objectives for the program and the needs of the patient. It is the obligation of trainees to familiarize themselves with hospital precaution policies and to follow these precautions.
  • Both LHSC and SJHC have policies in place regarding influenza, requiring that students working in hospitals MUST show proof of receiving the flu shot at least 14 days prior to the start of an elective.
    • Should a student not be able to provide such proof on the 1st day of the start of the elective, then the student will be required to wear a mask for the duration of the elective.
    • Proof of Influenza vaccinations are required from all VSE students from November to March (inclusive), each year.
  • The Undergraduate Medical Education Program expects all students to govern themselves according to the long-standing tradition that the physician has an obligation to treat all patients regardless of affliction and without prejudice.
  • Students must ensure that their N95 Mask Fitting is up to date and that this information is on file with their Home School prior to departure for the Visiting Elective.

Pre-Entry Requirements in Clinical Experience Areas

  • All teaching hospitals under the Public Hospitals Act and the Occupational Health and Safety Act, to ensure that students receiving clinical experience in the hospital, and the faculty involved, comply with the Act and its regulations.
  • Any problem related to the failure of a student to comply could lead to the student being removed from the clinical experience and liability being placed on the university for the resulting damages to either the patients or staff.

In-Placement Notification to Occupational Health Services

Students who have any of the following that may affect their duties while at the hospital are to contact Occupational Health Services at the hospital prior to their placement:

  1. A major medical condition.
  2. An infectious condition.
  3. A significant allergic reaction including a latex sensitivity.

Termination of an Elective by Undergraduate Medical Education

  • Under certain circumstances, a Visiting Student Elective may be terminated:
  • Students who demonstrate a weakness in professional behavior or patient safety will be reported by their Preceptor to the Associate Dean, Undergraduate Medical Education (UME), and the Manager, UME Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry.  Upon meeting with the Associate Dean, the elective may be terminated and the a letter outlining the professional misconduct may be sent to the student's home school.  No refund will be offered.
  • Students who demonstrate a weakness in Medical Expert will have their deficiencies documented in consultation with their Preceptor via mid-elective formative assessment.  At such time, the student will be notified that their elective experience will be remediated.  Should the student continue to demonstrate a weakness in Medical Expert, the elective may be terminated at the discretion of the  Preceptor in consultation with the Associate Dean, UME. 
  • In both cases, the decision will be communicated by and documented in writing, and provided to the student's home school with a grade of 'fail' on the elective assessment.

Visiting Student Electives for Non-Canadian Medical Students Enrolled in a Medical School Abroad

The Undergraduate Medical Education Program is unable to review applications from or offer clinical elective placements to non-Canadian students studying outside of Canada.

Pre-Confirmed, Regional Family Medicine Visiting Student Electives

Pre-confirmed regional Family Medicine Visiting Student Electives are subject to all items in the policy above and are at the discretion of the Program Director, Family Medicine and the Associate Dean, Undergraduate Medical Education.