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Non-credit Pre-clerkship Summer Electives

Two medical students

Registration for 2018/19 Academic Year opens March 1, 2019 and closes June 21, 2019.  Non-credit elective period: June 8 - August 30, 2019

*Registration deadline for Windsor online form is June 7, 2019.

While the non-credit pre-clerkship summer elective (NPSE) is intended to provide a more intensive, hands-on learning experience than an observership, students and preceptors are reminded that a clinical rotation has not yet been completed as part of the students’ undergraduate medical education. Strict supervision is required.

Students in Year 1 or 2 who are not enrolled in MED5010 during the summer months are not protected by Western University’s general and professional liability insurance.

Note: UME NPSE program is not responsible for electives arranged through exchange programs such as CFMS/IFMSA.

There are three types of NPSE:

  1. Non-credit Pre-clerkship Summer Clinical Elective (NPSCE): A clinical learning opportunity during which a student receives at minimum of 30 hours of clinical instruction while interacting with patients in a clinical setting. It involves shadowing, observing, and participation in patient care under strict supervision by a legally licensed medical practitioner (preceptor).

  2. Non-credit Pre-clerkship Summer Research Elective (NPSRE): A structured research learning opportunity during which a student works a minimum of four weeks with a faculty supervisor in a research setting.

  3. Combined Non-credit Pre-clerkship Summer Clinical and Research Elective (NPSCRE): A Combined NPSCRE is primarily for students involved in a research project but who would also like to accompany the same preceptor during their clinical duties on intermittent days. 


To qualify an opportunity must:

  • occur exclusively within Canada (unless coordinated by the Internationalization Office or approved by the UME Associate Dean)
  • begin after last curricular session in June and end before start of first curricular session in September
  • meet a minimum of 30 clinical hours (for NPSCE) or four weeks (for NPSRE)
  • be fully supervised at all times

To participate the student must:

  • complete all mandatory LHSC online modules as a principle of best practice in pre-clinical training.
  • The UME Office is not responsible for ensuring/verifying that students have completed this training.
  • Failure by the student to complete the required modules prior to participating in the NPSE program will be considered to be a breach of professionalism.
  • pay the registration fee.
  • ensure that the preceptor/supervisor receives all documentation supplied by the UME Office.
  • refrain from performing any unsupervised/unauthorized procedures.
  • abide by the standard of ethical behaviour as stated in the CMA code of ethics located at  
  • wear their Schulich name badge at all times.
  • refrain from any clinical contact when they could potentially be impaired by disease or by any psychoactive substance, including alcohol.

The preceptor (for NPSCE) must:

  • be legally licensed to practice medicine free from restrictions against their practice.
  • complete required forms within stated deadlines.
  • fully supervise the student in regard to any patient interactions.
  • understand that student participation in patient care, including delegation of any medical procedures, is at the discretion and responsibility of the preceptor.
  • directly evaluate the capability and skills of the student before making judgement about the latitude and scope of the student’s involvement with patients.
  • conduct all learning activities according to the policies of the licensing authority in the preceptor’s jurisdiction.
  • discuss specific learning objectives with the student which the objective will meet.
  • introduce and state the student’s status to any patient with whom they interact.
  • be aware that should the students engage in behaviour deemed by the preceptor to be disruptive, unprofessional or inappropriate, he or she may terminate the elective.
  • A report must be submitted electronically to the UME Office within one week of termination of the elective.

The faculty supervisor (for NPSRE) must:

  • complete required forms within stated deadlines.
  • discuss specific learning objectives with the student which the objective will meet.