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Undergraduate Medical Education Request for Parking

Please note: UME has limited number of parking passes that are assigned and shared by instructors over the course of the academic year. These passes are intended to be used by those who otherwise have no access to parking (do not already have an LHSC parking pass or Western parking pass).

In completing the form below, you must include all the dates and times that you will be using the pass. This information will be shared with parking services. Use of the parking pass at different dates and times is in violation of Western policy and tax rules. If you regularly come to campus and do not have an LHSC pass, you are encouraged to purchase a monthly pass at Western.

UME and/or Parking Services has the right to terminate your pass, should you receive one, at any time for failure to adhere to the terms of the parking pass. Additionally, UME will not be responsible for costs associated with ticketing. These passes are "use at your own risk."

Please complete the form below and your request will be considered. 

Please Note: Incomplete or missing data will result in the UME Office declining your request. Use of your parking pass outside of teaching hours may result in a ticket as this information will be shared with the Parking Office at Western. No parking passes may be used, nor will they be issued from June to August annually. UME and/or Parking Services may terminate your pass at any time without notice. UME will not responsible for parking tickets received for inappropriate use of the pass.