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Welcome to the Convocation Page for Western University's Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry's MD Class of 2017

Medicine Students sitting during convocation ceremony

What: Convocation and Awards Ceremonies for the MD Class of 2017
When: Friday May 12, 2017, 9:30 am- 12:30 pm
Where: Alumni Hall, Western University, London, Ontario.

If you have specific questions about the ceremony that you do not see answered here, please contact the Learner Equity & Wellness Office at or 519-661-4234.

Participants in the ceremony (graduates, faculty and guest faculty) will be required to arrive at Alumni Hall, Room 15 (on the lower level) by 8:45am for gowning and to assemble into the proper formation for the Procession into the hall. Please find below all information that you will need to make sure that you are aware of what needs to happen before and on this important date.

Faculty Information

Registration for participation as a member of the Platform Party has now been closed. Those interested in attending Convocation as an audience member are welcome to do so. Tickets are not required for entry.

Registration for participation in the Convocation ceremony as Parent/Family Participation in the Ceremony has now been closed. Those interested in attending Convocation as an audience member are welcome to do so.

Student Information

Student Regalia (Gown) Orders

If you are planning to participate in the Meds 2017 Convocation Ceremony on Friday May 12, 2017, you must order Convocation regalia.  The University uses an outside vendor: Gaspard Robe Company.

The URL for the Order Form is:

Opening /Closing Dates: The site is open now and will close on  Friday May 5th, 2017 at 5:30pm EST 

What You’ll Need:   Please have a credit card and your Student ID on hand (and know your height!).

Convocation Ceremony: SELECT – STUDENTS – Schulich School of Medicine Spring 2017

Tip:  Leave the “Highest Degree Earned” field blank. You will all be getting MD hoods as this is your MD Convocation.

Picking up your gown:
All gowns will be delivered to Alumni Hall (Room 15, in the lower level) and will be available for pick up at 8:00 am. 

Regalia should be returned at the same location (Room 15, Alumni Hall) prior to going to the reception.

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Special Needs

If you or one of your invited guests to Convocation requires special accommodation, please let our office know by Friday April 28th ( so we can help to make necessary arrangements for seating, parking, staffing and wheel chairs etc.

Alumni Hall is wheelchair/stroller accessible and parking can be made available close to the facility if requests are made with sufficient notice. 

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Unlike other Western Convocation ceremonies, there is NO limit on the number of guests who can attend the Convocation ceremony at Alumni Hall and therefore tickets are not issued for admittance.  Our small number of graduates means there is ample seating in the large Alumni Hall facility.  

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Live Broadcast of the Schulich Convocation

The Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry is pleased to provide individuals unable to attend the Convocation Ceremony with the opportunity to view the ceremony on their computer, laptop or handheld device. This will be available at:
Following the conclusion of the ceremony, an archived recording will be available at this site as well.


There will be a light reception (coffee & cupcakes) for graduates immediately following the ceremony which will be held at the Great Hall, Somerville House, just up the road from Alumni Hall.  The reception will run until 2pm. 

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Parking will be available on the day of the Convocation in the South Valley parking lot. A map of the campus parking is available here:  

If you require assistance with parking closer to Alumni Hall because of mobility issues or for other reasons, you may contact our office and we will assist you in finding alternate parking for the ceremony. Please call 519-661-4234 or email us at and we would be pleased to assist you.

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Parent/Family Participation in the Ceremony

Graduates who have immediate family members who are on faculty at another North American University can be hooded by their family member instead of another faculty member.  These family members must be registered through the LEW office (by completing the online form here), will be part of the academic platform party and will have to have appropriate academic regalia. If you require academic regalia for the day, your graduate can provide you instructions on how to do so.  This option is time and space limited so please register early if you wish to do this so we can determine if we have adequate space on the stage.  

Instructions for Ordering Regalia for Family Hooders

If you have identified that a family member will be hooding you: 

A) If they are non Western Faculty and they do not own their own Academic Regalia

B) If they are Western Faculty, the cost of their gown and hood covered by the University:

  1. Western Faculty Registration Regalia Order Form
  2. Parent Hooder Registration Form

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Unable to Attend your Convocation Ceremony?

If you cannot attend your Convocation ceremony, please contact the Undergraduate Medical Education Office so the ceremony organizers can update their records.  In addition, you will want to make alternate arrangements to pick up/receive your diploma. For information on how to do this, please visit

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If you are interested in purchasing a frame for your Diploma, you can order on-line through the Bookstore website as well.

You can make arrangements to pick up the frames at the Medicine Convocation (please make this explicit to the Bookstore or they will think it is for the June Convocation ceremonies) or have them shipped to another location.

Instructions on how to order and make arrangements for delivery are available at

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Attending graduates will have their portraits taken at Convocation, and Western will provide each a 5x7 photograph free of charge after the ceremony.  Students are required to pre-register online here where they can select their ceremony date and time.  Students who did not pre-register should visit the Photography/DVD page for details on how to obtain their free photo.  Please note the DVD service is NOT available for the MD Convocation.  

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Questions about what is listed on this page?

Please contact the Learner Equity & Wellness Office at 519-661-4234 or send us an email:

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