Plan Forward

The Accreditation Committee is reviewing documentation related to all of the CACMS standards and elements as part of a two-year iterative cycle. The goal is have completely reviewed all documentation required for a full CACMS accreditation, assess strengths and weaknesses, identify high risk and priority elements and propose action plans to strengthen our school’s level of compliance with the various elements.

This is a new accreditation continuous quality improvement (CQI) process that spreads the work and time involved with accreditation out throughout a longer time-scale, and creates shared institutional knowledge about the process and requirements of accreditation, as well as an understanding of how the Doctor of Medicine program is delivered, operates, and functions within the context of accreditation.

The process will ensure documentation is ready for the 2019 Interim Review where an external interim accreditation lead conducts either a focused or full review of standards and elements at our request. It also initiates long term planning for new elements which cannot be completed in the few short months before the next accreditation visit in 2023.

The process has also been critical for our School to monitor and ensure compliance with the standards and elements during our curricular renewal process; and to create a culture of continuous quality improvement within our school.