Fall 2017 MCCQE Part II Exam Preparatory Resources

The Medical Council of Canada recommends that candidates consult their Exam preparation resources web page that contains many different station examples, including a video of a history-taking and physical examination couplet station, an interactive orientation presentation, a link to the MCC Objectives for the Qualifying Examination and much more.

New this year, they have included a new module in the Communication and Cultural Competence orientation program entitled Professional challenges. This free online program was created for candidates preparing for Medical Council of Canada exams. The Professional challenges module covers a variety of topics such as professionalism, ethical dilemmas, duty to respond, privacy and confidentiality, and how to provide feedback.

Candidates may find this information helpful when preparing for the MCCQE Part II.

As candidates navigate towards the mcc.ca website to make use of some of the resources, you might notice that the website is different. As of September 6, 2017, they launched a new mcc.ca. This website redesign initiative was integral to their commitment of providing relevant, timely and accessible information to candidates and stakeholders. mcc.ca features a modernized website interface with content that has been streamlined for ease of access, an enhanced user experience with updated menus, and visually engaging pages. The responsive website is easy to navigate with mobile devices and meets accessibility standards and web design best practices.