Congratulations to Dr. Julie Hukui on receiving the 2016 Dr. John D. Brown Award

Dr. Julie Hukui has a natural ability to form instantaneous relationships with patients and their families. This skill, partnered with her tireless commitment to providing the best patient-centred care, is what makes her an exceptional doctor.

Currently in her final year of paediatric residency training, Dr. Hukui’s attention to detail and approach to patient care decisions are far beyond her years of training. Considered a colleague amongst many of her superiors, Dr. Hukui embraces a “no-nonsense” attitude and always puts her patients first — no matter how much extra time and effort it takes.

The young doctor continuously demonstrates that she is a strong patient advocate by standing up for patients who are too unwell to advocate for themselves. She has also mastered the art of communicating with patients and families, ensuring she always keeps a professional presence and is conscientious in how she delivered information.

In a letter supporting Dr. Hukui’s nomination for the Dr. John D. Brown Award, Dr. Anna Gunz writes, “Dr. Hukui spends time ensuring that she understands the context in which patients and their families live, in additional to their care perceptions and desires. If ever there is something that we are not doing to provide optimal care, we can count on her to uncover this and advocate for her patients’ needs.”

Congratulations to Dr. Hukui on receiving the 2016 Dr. John D. Brown Award. This award recognizes a postgraduate trainee in any area of medicine who displays excellence in patient-centred care and reflects the values and practices of Dr. John D. Brown, who always put his patients first.