Congratulations to Dr. Chris Watling, 2016 Schulich Leader Award Recipient

Dr. Watling is an award winning educator, scholar and leader who has made a major impact locally, provincially, nationally and internationally. He is known for his clear and fluid presentation style. He is the first MD at Schulich Medicine & Dentistry (and one of the first in Canada) to obtain a PhD in Health Sciences education. He was program director in the Department of Clinical Neurological Sciences, and since 2010 has been Associate Dean of Postgraduate Medical Education at Schulich Medicine & Dentistry. During his leadership he has led a number of major curricular developments within the School such as: Team-Based Learning in Bioethics, and the Transition to Residency (T2R) program. In the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada, he is acting Chair, Neurology Specialty Committee, and a member of the Working Group in the Clinician Educator Areas of Focused Competency Program. He is currently leading a new initiative to revitalize Schulich Medicine’s postgraduate assessment practices in light of the Royal College’s new CanMEDS 2015 competency-based expectations