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Krista Vincent

krista vincent 

Previous Degrees:
BMSc (Western 2010)

PhD Program: Department of Anatomy and Cell Biology (University of Western Ontario); Department of Oncology (University of Alberta)
Supervisor: Dr. Lynne Postovit

Program Stream: 2-3-2
Anticipated Graduation date: 2010-2018


  • My Journey

  • Future Aspirations

  • Publications

I have always believed that if I pursued what interested me, my career path would be both stimulating and rewarding. Driven by a natural curiosity about the world, I chose an undergraduate program in the Sciences where I had a unique opportunity to be involved in various research endeavours. An experience that I thoroughly enjoyed. However, I’ve always been drawn to the humanism of medicine.
Medicine and research are intertwined disciplines; medicine relies on research for the development of new therapeutics and much of research is motivated by the desire to improve health outcomes. I was interested in finding a career that would combine the compassion found in patient care with the intellectual stimulation of research -- leading me to the MD/PhD program at Western University.

Career Goals

Ultimately, I’d like to pursue a career as a clinician scientist, where I’m able to help bridge the gap between an academic’s bench and a patient’s bedside. This dual perspective enables clinician scientists to potentially be involved in all aspects of translational medicine. This discovery process is especially important in oncology, where breakthroughs are being made each and every day.


The MD/PhD is a long and demanding program. It helps to be surrounded by incredibly supportive colleagues, friends and family and also to realize that you’ve been given an amazing opportunity to follow a challenging but exceptionally rewarding path.


Chan PH, Vincent K, Lajoie G, Goldberg H, Grohe B, Hunter GK (2012) On the catalysis of calcium oxalate dihydrate formation by osteopontin peptides. Colloids Surf., B 96:22-8.

Hug S, Grohe B, Jalkanen J, Chan B, Galarreta B, Vincent K, Lagugne-Labarthet F, Lajoie G, Goldberg H, Karttunen M, Hunter GK (2012) Soft Matter 8(4):1226.