New Publication: Impact of COVID-19 on Excess Mortality, Life Expectancy, and Years of Life Lost in the United States.

Chan E.Y.S., Cheng D, Martin J. Impact of COVID-19 on excess mortality, life expectancy, and years of life lost in the United States. PLOS One 2021.  

Abstract: This paper quantifies the net impact (direct and indirect effects) of the pandemic on the United States population in 2020 using three metrics: excess deaths, life expectancy, and total years of life lost. The findings indicate there were 375,235 excess deaths, with 83% attributable to direct, and 17% attributable to indirect effects of COVID-19. The decrease in life expectancy was 1.67 years, translating to a reversion of 14 years in historical life expectancy gains. Total years of life lost in 2020 was 7,362,555 across the USA (73% directly attributable, 27% indirectly attributable to COVID-19), with considerable heterogeneity at the individual state level.

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