Dr. Cheng delivers statement on Antimicrobial Resistance at the 148th WHO Executive Board meeting

On January 25 2021, Dr. Cheng, WFSA Treasurer, delivered the third statement on Antimicrobial Resistance at the 148th World Health Organization (WHO) Executive Board meeting. The WFSA is an alliance of anesthesiologists, dedicated to providing safe perioperative and critical care. This includes infection prevention and control. This statement calls on member states to adopt the following:

  • "The perioperative use of antibiotic prophylaxis in preventing or treating surgical site infection that are evidence-based to ensure optimum delivery, dosage and scheduling of the appropriate antibiotics.
  • The recommendations of the WHO Model List of Essential Medicines and the WHO Antimicrobial stewardship programmes in health care."

To learn more about the WFSA statement on Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR), please click here.

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Dr. Cheng speaks at WHO Executive Board meeting