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Dr. McAlister and soldiers in Afganistan

Clinical care given to victims of war in Afghanistan has been analysed to learn better ways to treat the seriously injured patients.

You can read about the Canadian led hospital in Kandahar Airfield here.

Current projects:

 1. Simulation course for mass casualty preparedness
 2. Survey of injuries of victim of antipersonnel IED

Recent projects:

1. Cervical spine injuries after IED blasts. Can J Surg 2015 (in-press) (with Joe Taddeo, USA).

2. Treatment of rectal war wounds. J R Army Med Corps. 2014 Sep;160(3):255-7. (with Oscar van Weis, Holland).

3. Management of devastating ocular trauma--experience of maxillofacial surgeons deployed to a forward field hospital.  J R Army Med Corps. 2010Jun;156(2):106-9. (with M Williams, UK).

4. In-theater peritoneal dialysis for combat-related renal failure. J Trauma. 2010 May;68(5):1253-6. (with JS Pina, USA).