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Dr McAlister is a surgeon at University Hospital London with special interest in hepatobiliary, endobiliary (ERCP), transplant and combat surgery. Contact is best made by emailing <> or by sending a toll-free fax to +1 855 538 2926 (see note below regarding privacy). He is the Angus D. McLachlin Professor of Surgery at the University of Western Ontario.

He was a regular force member of the Royal Canadian Medical Service, Canadian Armed Forces, (rank - Lieutenant Colonel, chief of General Surgery) and has deployed overseas many times.

Dr McAlister was editor-in-chief of the Canadian Journal of Surgery. He was a council member of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada. Dr McAlister was chariman of the Royal College's Regional Advisory Committee (RAC 3) for Ontario and Nunavut. He has served as president of Canadian Association of Transplantation and chairman of the Canadian Organ Replacement Registry

Dr McAlister is editor of the web-archive He has edited a series of articles commemorating Canadian univsersity involvement in medical care during the First World War. He has published 

Dr McAlister conducts research into his areas of clinical interest including their basic science and history. He has published over 200 papers including the following areas: transplantation; combat surgery; and history of medicine and surgery. Current research projects may be reviewed here.

PRIVACY NOTE: Our email <> and toll-free fax (+1 855 538 2926) are secure, to hospital standards, at our end. Please ensure that you accept the level of security on your side to send and receive information.

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