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Welcome to the Macromolecular Crystallography Facility

Within The Facility

The MCF houses a rotating anode generator and advanced optical system that supplies an intense, monochromatic, and well-collimated X-ray beam, equipped with a Saturn 994+ high resolution CCD detector.  Our accompanying computer workstation provides users with the necessary platforms for data collection and processing.

We have the items necessary for both initial screenings and optimizations of crystal growth, including:

How We Can Help You

The MCF provides a full crystallization service, one where clients may send us samples or themselves gain access to sophisticated equipment and technologies, as well as receive advice and technical assistance in sample preparation and experimentation. You, the user, will be provided with screen preparation, plate setup, image acquisition and (if desired) optimization design.

In summary, we offer:


After diffracting crystals are obtained, computers and software are available for the computation-intensive steps of data processing, reduction, and analysis, as well as graphics-intensive model-building and refinement.