McAlister in the OR

Junior Residents

Our goal is make this busy period enjoyable and rewarding for you. The General Surgery resident's manual.

Remember, it is important that you independently reach a diagnosis and make a plan for each patient before you verify it with someone senior to you on the team.

Senior Residents

Instruction for creating discharge summaries.

Team chiefs are responsible for the morale of the team. Work efficientlly; correct errors gently and enjoy any free time.

Dr. McAlister will write the operative reports, usually before the patient leaves the recovery room.

Teaching rounds may be arranged by the senior resident as required.

Privacy: Team members will not discuss identifying details of patient care outside of the team. Educational presentations (e.g. Grand Rounds) should NOT contain identity-related material such as: name, initials, home town or referring hospital. Humorous titles for presentations or comments are NOT acceptable. Presentations and medical record notes should not include characterizations (e.g. pleasant) of patients and letters should not contain unprofessional comments (e.g. our pleasure).