Medical Students

medical students

Requests for clerkship should be sent to General Surgery's elective program. Once the administration details are completed, clerks should report to the senior resident who may be found on the surgery ward 8th floor UH. Students interested in surgery are encouraged to take part in anatomy electives and the SOAP club.


  • Clerkship seminar: materials for endocrine surgery: thyroid; parathyroid and adrenal glands. Publication.
  • History and physical examination reports: please use the classic approach to the initial H&P. Download template.
Privacy: Team members will not discuss identifying details of patient care outside of the team. Educational presentations (e.g. Grand Rounds) should NOT contain identity-related material such as: name, initials, home town or referring hospital. Humorous titles for presentations or comments are NOT acceptable. Presentations and medical record notes should not include characterizations (e.g. pleasant) of patients and letters should not contain unprofessional comments (e.g. our pleasure).