Coping with COVID-19

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We find ourselves in challenging times. Changing our routines, dealing with uncertainty and learning, as social beings, to interact differently. Together, we can find ways to connect, stay well and take care of each other from afar.

Local Support


Campus Services

Community-Based Services

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Campus Services

Community-Based Services

Schulich Medicine & Dentistry Peer Support Opportunity

With varying relationships and living situations, social distancing and self-isolating can be challenging in many ways for many people. The Buddy Program is a helpful way to make sure we are collectively looking out for each other. Participants join into pairs, trios or groups and are asked to formally identify themselves as a “buddy system.”

Mental Health & Physical Wellness

During these challenging times, it’s important to take care of yourself and others both physically and mentally. The resources below may be helpful to you.

Mental Health

Fitness Resources


  1. Grocery delivery
  2. Tastemade cooking classes and tios with easy recipes

Articles & Reading

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Virtual Connection

Social distancing and self-isolating is different for everyone due to locations and relationships. As humans, feeling connected is important. Below are some ideas to connect virtually to continue engaging with peers, classmates, friends and family.


It's time like these when those in a career that centers on helping others feel especially drawn to help; when and where they can. There is much need in every community, but it can sometimes be difficult to know exactly how to help. Many groups at each university campus are mobilizing efforts, please consider joining the communities we learn and thrive in during these difficult times.