Communications & Technology

Male student working on a laptop

Class Notices

You will be notified through the Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry email system of any important changes and information. It is mandatory that you frequently check your Schulich Medicine & Dentistry and University email and class schedules website.

Course Materials, Schedules, etc.

Although computer access is available through the Valberg Educational Resource Center we strongly recommend that each medical student have a computer with internet access and a printer. The Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry uses web-based communication for class schedules, course materials, and library resources. The physician of the future will be required to access web-based information as part of daily practice. This is therefore an essential part of medical education.

For information on buying a new PC visit the Western Information Technology Services (ITS) web site.


Throughout your undergraduate medical career, there will be changes to policies, procedures, deadlines, etc. which will have a direct and sometimes immediate effect on your education. In keeping with our commitment to ensure that our students receive this information in the most efficient and timely fashion possible, an Electronic Mail (email) system has been put into place which gives all Dean's Office staff direct access to the students.

It will be through email that all information will be transmitted to you. A training session will be organized for you during Orientation Week so that you are comfortable with the email client and its functions. It is strongly recommended that all students check their email address regularly, as all information dealing with your academic program is sent to you in this manner.

You will receive two email accounts while attending Western University:

  • One account/address is provided by the central campus, which will expire upon graduation, this is your Western University email account/address. For information on how to obtain and activate your Western account, visit Western's ITS web site.
  • One account/address is provided by Schulich Medicine & Dentistry, which will remain active indefinitely. This is your Email-for- Life Account (E4L). Details regarding your E4L account will be discussed at the training sessions mentioned above. For more information regarding this account/address please visit Email for Life.

Note: All correspondence on behalf of the School will be sent to your E4L account, NOT your Western account. All correspondence sent from the Main Campus (Registrar’s Office, Student Financial Services, Libraries) will use your Western account. It is recommended you forward your Western account to your E4L account to avoid confusion and to ensure that ALL communication gets to you in a timely manner.

(For instructions on how to forward your Western email Western's ITS web site).