Student Support Team

The Learner Equity & Wellness Office is pleased to announce that the following students have been selected to serve as members of the Student Support Team for the 2015-2016 School Year:


Kristin Brown
Kevin Gitau
Rock Hou
Jacqueline Luhoway
Joanna Ryan
Adrianna Stoesser
Karishma Desai
Samantha Britton
Jordan Lafranier
Avery Raess
We are also extremely grateful to the outgoing members of the 2017 class who have set a fine example for their peers.  Thank you to:
Todd Elogio
Dayna Noltie
Sarah Ollier
Nicole Perrier
Tishara Wijayanayaka
Erin Wiley
Sabrina Botsford
Dema Kadri
Kristin Mayrand


Thank you all for making your peers’ wellness a priority!