From LEW to You: Enjoy Winter Activities On a Budget

With its shorter days, icy winds, and chilling cold, winter is not typically a season to get excited about. But it doesn’t have to be dreadful! There are several fun and inexpensive activities that students can enjoy during the colder months.

Wintertime usually means spending a lot more time indoors. Instead of feeling trapped in your home by the cold, think of all the things you can do at home instead of feeling pressured to go out. Some options for indoor fun include playing board games or cards with friends, warming up with a mug of hot chocolate and snacking on comfort foods. A warm night playing cards and laughing with friends can be re-energizing.

Staying at home also gives you the opportunity catch up on things that you previously “did not have time to do”. This includes cleaning your room or house with roommates! While you may not enjoy the process of cleaning, the pride and satisfaction that comes from seeing your abode transform from tornado-stricken to model home, is priceless. Play some music, put on some sweats, and get it done.

Try ice-skating! As we get older we forget about the activities we used to enjoy when we were younger, many of which are still fun at any age. Students can visit Victoria Park (London) or Charles Clark Square (Windsor) in the winter for free ice skating and inexpensive skate rentals. 

Take a stroll through the city centre or your own neighbourhood. Fresh air and exercise can help with your energy levels and stress management - but be sure to bundle up.

Contact LEW for assistance with any concerns about balancing your school work, social life and budget.