From LEW to You: Easy Money Saving Tips

Students know that while being young and free is great, being broke and hungry is not. Whether you are frugal or budget-oblivious, here are a few tips on saving money to make your student life more comfortable and to help keep your wallet happy.

  1. Pack your lunch! Food on campus is often overpriced and simple to make yourself. Instead of grabbing a sandwich from Tim Horton’s, take a few minutes to prepare one yourself the night or morning before class. Buying lunch three times a week for $10 per meal adds up to $120 per month!
  2. Clip coupons and price match. Take a moment to sort through the flyers and coupon books that come in your mail. You can find great discounts and save lots of money by bringing your coupons to the grocery store. Many grocery stores, including NoFrills, Fresh Co., Food Basics, Walmart, and The Real Canadian Super Store, will also match the lowest price of an item if you find it in another store’s flyer. Find out when grocery stores offer “student nights” for an overall discount on your grocery bill.
  3. Budget, budget, budget! Stay up to date on your account balance. At the end of every month, log in to your online bank account and look through your list of transactions. Spending a bit too much on non-necessities? Make a list of things that you can cut down on and make a conscious effort to do so.
  4. Sign up for rewards at your favourite stores. Many retail stores, cafes, and restaurants have great rewards programs that can save you money through discounts and free giveaways. Are you a Starbucks fanatic? Love to shop at The Bay? Take a look at the rewards programs that stores offer and keep enjoying your favourite guilty pleasures.

Are you still struggling to stick to your budget? Contact LEW to access some additional guidance.